Current and highest stardust


He weighs more than my son then.




A she.


Have you called Guiness World Records yet?


I was in the 2016 one with my photo of me and my cat @bobbyjack8


120 lbs? She would be bigger than a jaguar.


I guess she is.

Good luck finding me in gueniss world records :joy:


Just want to say, whaaaaat?
The GWR is under 50 pounds for a domestic cat; but they stopped recording in the 80s.
What’s going on here?


Maybe it would be more easy if you talk in a way that not only the people in your town understand you, but as well the rest of the world. You have to learn that ALL the world (interested in Pokemon Go) is reading these things, so please, explain what you want to say…


Meowth used Pay Day to help me get 1,000,000 stardust!



That’s super impressive!


1 Mil in 9 days, your a machine.
The things I could power up if I could mine dust that quick :sleepy:


I’ve been playing over 2 years and just recently have kept the dust above the 2 million mark. 15 million seems like a place I’ll never reach.


Haha… well keep in mind I hardly ever use the dust . I’ve maybe used 1 million. And the account just hit 40 million xp which is the equivalent of 2 level 40s. I think most people would have a lot of dust with that much xp if they didn’t spend the dust on the go. I have other accounts but they barely have any dust because I use it as I get it. Aside from one other account which has about 1.5 mill


I never hit 500k stardust…:frowning:



8 days for another Mil, nice work.
At a guess from what I know I’ve Powered up I’ve made approximately 140K in the same time :disappointed_relieved:.
I really want a place like that mall :tired_face:


677K+ at the moment.


I’m gaining stardust slowly but surely now. I do spend some from time to time but never more than necessary. I’m also not really grinding for dust, so I’m quite satisfied with my progress. (I’ve been at 2.7 yesterday but I had to power up my only good Alakazam for soloing Gengar)
I’m aiming for 3 million. I want to be able to spend a million (for a shiny trade if I ever meet a stranger willing to trade me a shiny baby/hat Pikachu etc.) without regretting it too much.