Current and highest stardust


must be a photoshop. That or it is Pokémon Go Heaven


Going fast towards the 1M. Now at 959.562


I don’t think it is. I’ve seen it before on videos.


What is that cat doing there?


Not my picture or Cat but to answer the question. Most likely what All Cats do. Nothing useful.


But it is a cute kitty. :crazy_face:


Almost reached the 1.5M.


i have 2.5 mil stardust atm


The mall in Washington DC looks like the above picture. There are places like that.


Damn so some could say that it is better than the smp


This mall is in Oberhausen, Germany @Punica @Kevin_v_Hoften @kRe


One Gym, bet that flips over a lot.
Hard Grind getting that one Gold


that screenshoit is taken at the food court :smile:

that gym turns over a lot idd, but that gives also a lot of points to battle (but honestly why battle if you have so muich to in the meantime?) Imo, that gym is easy to get gold: raids raids raids. No need toi look for group, just join.

also, there are more gyms nearby, but the actual mall only this one a more iirc.


You go there? @Punica


Everybody… stay on topic…


Keeping it above 2 million.


Nice prof photo :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


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It looks like your cat could eat both my dogs. There is a cat across the street that is also bigger than my dogs and it loves to tease them. Somehow it knows my dogs have shock collars and can’t leave the yard.


My cat is a solid 120 pounds @bobbyjack8