Current and highest stardust


I’ll hit 7 mill today, will be a new personal highest mark for me.


I rarely have dust above 10k. I do power-ups unlike a lot of players. All my good IV’s are maxed out and I do a lot of trades to re-roll IVs. I’m not trying to be that guy that comes to raids with aggrons and such. I like to help the team and myself, not pull them back just because I like big numbers and get off on it lmao


Just because someone has 5 mill of stardust spare doesn’t mean he hasn’t powered up his raid counters… You can spend and save at the same time by only powering up what you need.
It’s all just a matter of balance.


The more strategic part of the game right now is how to spend/distribute the hard-grinded dust when needed.


Agreed especially with all the rebalancing that just happened


back to 1.2M + :grin:

If i had 20M dust…all my top 20 would probably be maxxed


Oh yea man and they definitely will be…just a matter of time before those top 20 show up. And who cares afterwards coz you can only put 20 in gyms


Are you TL 40?



Heheh a little slow since the stardust event ended


Damn! I’m stuck on 1/3rd of yours now… :joy: Been powering up counters for a local pokedraft and Mewtwos just because they’re beast & lucky mons because I can…
The plan is to hit 10m before June 19.


I rarely have over 200k…too much powerin up to do because im not lvl 40 yet


Keep on going I started saving up at tl 35


I’m content to just keep it above 2 million.


Highest ever for me was 80k during Cyndaquil day (no there werent any wobbacyndas)


I got to 2.8 Mil during the Double Dust and blew the 800K Power a few things up. Been making between 150 - 80K each week since and blowing that too Powering things up. Keeping my safety net of 2mil all the time.




Hit the 2M Stardust a few days ago.


Almost at 2.2 million


Almost at 23 million