Current and highest stardust


good sure. Usefull no. Whoever uses ice attackers? the occasional dragonite in a gym still get the same treatment as every other pokemon: machamps and mewtwo with fighting move.


I never save dust, as soon as I get some, I spend it on powering up pokemon relevant against the level 5 boss of the time. So while regi’s were out, I was powering up my machamps, with the legendary birds I was powering up smack down ttars and high iv golems, now with mewtwo I’m powering up gengars. Already have a team of 3000+cp bite/crunch ttars, but one day recently 7 out of 8 mewtwo encounters had focus blast, so ttar was no good, had no other decent counters.


Unless you’ve got Gengar with Shadow Claw you may want to hold off going crazy powering up those Gengar unless you’ve got some 93% or greater with 15 attack. By the time you pumped them up enough to be very useful MewTwo will be gone.
The next Legendary coming is the one that should have the counters worked on so you hit the ground running rather than being caught in the catch up game.


I’m in a regional area, there aren’t many people who raid often, powering up the gengars is intended to help a raid to be able to happen when mewtwo has focus blast. At all other times I use my ttars. It’s not uncommon to only have half a dozen people at a raid, and most local players don’t put any effort in to powering up relevant pokemon and making sure they have relevant movesets. Most just use what is recommended, which usually aren’t good options.


Recommended is mostly bad for Mewtwo with Focus Blast. If your only getting 6 and the other are going with recommended that would make Focus Blast a real challenge.
I know I have Focus Blast MewTwo as soon as I see the list of my Lugia it auto selects. It’s the only time I change my my battle squad from Ttar to my mixed team of MewTwo and Gengar.


I don’t even catch every mew two…,if it’s below 2250 then I just throw the balls away…and move onto the next mewtwo raid


At least now since they’re widely available I mean. Back when it was ex pass only I would catch every one of course …


That would allow me to fit a few more Raids in but I still want the all the Candy I can get. I do chuck Pinaps at the rubbish ones for the first 5-6 balls. I’m not getting many on the Pinap like I do with other Legendaries though.


I know I probably should but I never save dust, always trying to aim for future raid bosses, as for now Im still working on my groudon team, they gonna be SE against 2 legendaries in Gen4 and best ground in general. 2 maxed, 2 to go and keeping 2 slots open for when it get its signature move


Probably Dragonite



But how 2 million so fast?


Paris mall, star pieces and gotcha




Got many Pokestops/Gyms at the Paris Mall @MrSparkle ?
It’s great having a place with a big supply of constant spawns but it can be hard work getting enough balls to keep catching on a Gotcha/ Go Plus if you don’t have the points to keep topping up. Or are you buying Red Balls?
How many hours do you think was invested walking around with the Gotcha going?
Sorry for all the questions, just really interested and envious you’ve got a great location for Dust Farming.


There’s one part of Paris mall where you can access 11 stops from a standstill and they’re almost always lured. So while running the gotcha you actually get red balls slightly faster than you use them up. Just gotta keep an eye on item bag to make sure you throw away what you don’t need and keep as much room as possible for red balls. Also Have to make sure to transfer Pokémon because playing there you can catch like 2000 Pokémon a day


I’m trying to post a pic but no matter how I resize it …it says too big…just google image search “Paris mall Pokémon go” and you’ll see what I mean


Wow, if I had a spot like that locally I’d be spending all day there on the weekends.


Found a pic on web.


I am going to try that in two weeks. Grinding 5 days in DLP, and then two days in Paris