COVID-19, how does it affect your pokémon go Community?


For them to give 10 premium passes for a coin would be practically a $10 rebate. While not the most far-fetched idea one can imagine, it’s pretty far out there. Might as well ask for a mixed bag of shinies for a coin…


If you are lucky friends with me, make sure to open my gifts. I’m giving out as many as possible.


Should we have a poll about what 1 pokecoin bundle would be next week? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I had to discard about 300 poke balls in last 2 days because no room in bag. I’ve made room to spin discs to give out presents. About to do new round of 20 at midnight.
COVID-19 sucks. Just did grocery run for my parents so they wouldn’t have to go out. Tried to get them 4 cans of tuna fish but only allowed to buy 2. At least I got them some paper towels.


They gave us 30 incenses for 1 coin ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I’ve been down the shops 4 times in the last 8 days to get a few items we are almost out of.
On all 4 occasions I have not be able to get any of the following which also have limits on them:
Jars of pasta sauce
Packet pasta spaghetti
La Pasta Mac & Cheese
Toilet paper
Paper towel

How the limits on Toilet paper Works really baffles me.
The imposed limit is 2 packs.
What idiot set packs as the standard when it comes in packs of 4, 8, 20 and 36 for most common brands?
Saw 20 people lining up for toilet paper the other day and it was 36 packs that they bought out.
They were letting people have 2 as that was the limit, wtf. Packs that size should be 1 not 2.


we have a famous saying in the netherlands: every disadvantage has its benefits.
This goes for me when it comes to PoGo.I’ve been going out and hunting (by car) for hours each day and getting shinies left, right and center. Also, driving around for PoGo is easier with all the empty roads.

Last 2 days i got 4 shinies per day, got 13 over the weekend (including a 100% shiny Cobalion), and today (it’s not even 9 AM when i type this) i already got 2 on my way to work. So, every disadvantage has its benefits!

So this whole situation sucks, but at least there is something positive, and it’s the small things that matter now right?


If you are friends with me please open gift. I have 20 to give out but no one opened the one I already sent out.


I opened your gift and sent you one. We still aren’t lucky friends, but we’ll keep trying. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to trade.


Ferroseed kinda resembles coronavirus. Is it a coincidence that Niantic chose it to be a research breakthrough reward in March? :thinking: :exploding_head:


Got you but only 2 others in last batch. Still have 17 gifts I can’t give out yet.


Taking wife and kids out with dogs for a walk.


I my local Discord we try to keep Pokémon Go alive in this though time. But we strongly advise to follow the rules. Raiding is fine, but keep your distance. Don’t block safe passing of others. Keep your raidgroup smaller than 3 if possible. If not because there are not enough strong players, only raid in open spaces where there is enough space for everyone to keep your distance and let other pass safely. And last, don’t come as a group, don’t leave as a group, don’t hang around.

We are not in total lockdown and so it is within the government rules. In my opinion you have higher risk at the grocery store.


Our discord has said quite directly not to coordinate raids on it, while we are under ‘shelter in place’ orders.


Is everyone ok still?


Everything fine in the whole family.




Jup, all ok. Work is back to “normal”. 1,5 meter rule is still there but were back up to a full shift again (7 instead of 4). Hoping the 2nd wave doesnt come in to hard…


Healthwise: in the pink :+1:
Financially: in the red :slightly_frowning_face:
(but that’s nothing new! :grin:)


I’m still going to work, but my wife is getting paid to stay home. So we are doing fine.