COVID-19, how does it affect your pokémon go Community?

Things are loosening up here in Denver, with a safer-at-home direction. Masks are still encouraged, but raids can be organized again as long as people practice common sense. Stores are opening back up again too. So far, so good, despite some renegade jerks.

I’m in the part of California that is opening up some stores and restaurants. The (PoGo) community has been out the last two weeks.

It’s had zero net effect in my small town. The 40 or so players here are adults or children of adult players, and we were already playing from our cars before COVID.

The only thing that’s had an effect is that some of the players are more likely to beg for remote raid invites now, rather than drive into town (which only has a population of 1250 and four stoplights), to save gas.