COVID-19, how does it affect your pokémon go Community?


At first glance, I thought that was about noodle-making, and it made me hungry. Mmmmmm, noodles. :drooling_face:

Strength and patience to ya. We’re in the 4th day of lockdown, with no clear idea about the criteria for ending it.


Well, that would have been fun if it were. Luckily enough we have a fair amount at home


Haven’t left home for 2 days now. If not for the Pokéstop within reach, I would not even have opened the game. Oh, well – there are a lot of people around who are having a much harder time right now, so I’ll stop whining about it. But I’m not sure I’ll still be interested in the game after another 2 or 3 weeks of this lockdown.


I’ve only been going just to finish the genesect quest. I’m going to be spending shelter-at-home time playing animal crossing and some ps4 games I haven’t beaten.(as well as apply to some of the grocery stores in the area that are hiring)


We got a new mural in my town 3 days ago.


We are now “given” 100 pokeballs for 1 pokecoin and more balls from gifts, how about freezing the daily pokestop/gym spin and just giving every player free research stamp for each day so that we can still get whatever from collecting 7 days straight spin and 7 stamps?


Yeah, this lock down has caused me to dump a LOT of hours into Animal Crossing already. lol


i’d much rather be allowed to stack free raid passes. I’ve never let a free raid pass expire and it would be a waste to have to now, only to spend paid raid passes in some next event. Allowing players to stack the free passes would improve safety simply because players don’t feel obligated to go out and spend their valuable pass.

This would also be a big QOL upgrade in a non-corona world. The current event system is 4 days shiny legendary raids, 3 days ‘off’. Allowing people to stack those free passes from the off-days would improve raiding in the weekend. It’s not like people won’t spend paid raid passes.
Also, i’m not talking about unlimited stacking, something like 3 to 7 passes max.

Or… just change the daily free pass to a premium pass… problem solved. Even more because people can use those in Pvp.


For my raid group, I have officially closed raids for now, because there is a pseudo-lockdown.


Same here. There was a big discussion about it yesterday in our telegram group with admins from different citys. A few wanted to keep it open to atleast control it a bit, but i doubt that would have worked. Most wanted to close the raid tools down, and thats what happened. I think its a good thing.
Our government said if you want to go outside to get some fresh air thats ok, but do it short and alone. That pretty much means any raid where you need 2+ people is off-limits.

So now its officially only PVP for the Tier 5 pokemon. No pressure for myself cause i got the shiny Cobalion, but its nice trade material now i guess.


I did the opoosite, i kept it open. Raiding is at an all time low (which is good), but those who want should be able to meet, keeping the social distancing rules in mind.

I did a raid sunday, we were with 8 or 9. We all kept at least 2 meter distance from each other (where 1,5m is the rule atm), we talked about the whole situation, did the raid and split up. I see no harm there.

Social distancing is good, social isolation is bad, but we can prevent that and raiding is one way to do that.


Its a bit unclear at the moment but i understood it to be like this:

If you go out for a quick breather do it alone.
If you go out on an errand (like grocery shopping) and you see other people keep 1,5 meters distance.

Its been a hot topic among a few admins where not so nice things were said. Theyve been advised to go take a walk… Alone :stuck_out_tongue:


hehe, sounds like my app group.

The official rules for us dutch players are simple, we are still allowed to meet up outside with regard of the 1,5m rule. Any nonfamily groups > 3 people are only allowed with these social distancing rules in mind. So: we are allowed to raid. Is it smart? maybe. Depends or your local situation and intelligence of your raiders is my call.

My community has already shown for a week now we can uphold this easily. And to be honest, how hard is it to keep a safe distance from each other at a raid?

My own appgroup went nuts after my post here. The pro-lockdown-ers started judging the raiders for wanting to keep the app going, calling them nolifers and even wishing they would get Corona…

I don’t mind a good discussion, but this wasn’t a discussion anymore, so the first player has been removed from the app.
Let’s see where the next few hours take us…


Maybe it’s just me but i really don’t get it.
IIRC you live a ~100km away from me, we have the same rules to follow regarding this situation, newer and sharper rules since last night.

We are still however allowed to go out (as previously posted by me above), as long as people keep a safe distance. If people follow this 1 simple rule, where is the harm that a select few players raid? And does that warrant a shutdown for an app?

Those players that don’t want to raid…just don’t raid? and those who do, do? Everybody happy?


In my area (The Hague), the population is very dense. All the way to Rotterdam and the other way to Amsterdam. Too many people in a easily accessible area, not worth it.


Essential errands (like getting groceries or medicine) have to be allowed. But taking walks by yourself or with somebody you live with needs some moderation to avoid crowding. Our city has had groups playing frisbee in parks and huge crowds at beaches, to where authorities are just about ready to close the parks and beaches.

Being out to play a video game isn’t viewed as essential or exercise, so even raiding in tiny groups that keep a proper distance is asking for a warning or even a citation (if you’ve been warned already). I would have liked to raid for the shiny Cobalion; but didn’t consider it worth risking a US$400 fine.


Denver has just gone under a stay-at-home directive, but outside activity is still allowed for exercise including walks, as long as a conscious effort to maintain a 6-ft distance from others is maintained. Discord here has suspended all raid coordination as a result.


I would also hope that we could be allowed to use the daily free raid pass for the premium reward in GBL.


Come on, no way Niantic would be that generous.


Perhaps. With the 1 coin box for a lot of stuff, there is a chance for that. Perhaps 10 premium passes for 1 coin next week, which is better than 1 free premium pass imo