COVID-19, how does it affect your pokémon go Community?





Long time since been on here, covid is killing all challenges for me, not fully locked down yet but no groups or none essential travel. Worst thing of all planning to lock London down in next few days. Just hoping it’s them and controlled lockdown where I am. I am only getting 2 stops a day and that stops tomorrow coz children ain’t at school until further notice


How classy of Niantic to announce Landorus raids (3/31 - 4/21) when half the PoGo world is stuck in a lockdown that makes it potentially against the law to go raiding. (Due to the orders for ‘social distancing’ and to stay home except for essential things like food and medical matters.)

If we want a Landorus many of us will have to risk being cited or arrested for violating the ‘shelter in place’ orders. Or does this mean you’re going to loosen the restrictions against spoofing until this blows over, so we can ‘go out’ and raid the Landorus without the risk of actually going out?


You can get it from PVP.

And not every place in the world is in lockdown. If you are then yeah, stay inside. But the people that still can should be able to keep playing IMO.


I hope they are not considering allowing spoofing because of COVID 19.
Once that box is opened there’s no closing the lid on it. The must have it now and FOMO crowd have no idea how to wait for things.
No more evident than those that paid for Rdgigigle and will also pay for Gensect.


Yeah, I said “half the PoGo world”.



I thought I was intimating that Niantic should just wait for this to blow over before beginning a new limited-time raid boss that a lot of us have been waiting for. Including those of us who were never tempted to buy early Regigigas and have no interest in early Genesect.



Just watched that yesterday. Absolutely love that channel and the way they explain things.


My state (CA) is officially on lockdown as of last night. Only essential locations (grocery stores, banks, etc) are now open and we’re supposed to all stay home unless it’s necessary to go out.

Guess I might have to finally go back to Pokemon art to kill the time. :rofl:




Not to turn this into a meme thread, but I had to share this:



Same here. Even though I found out about the video today. Perhaps I’ll unsubscribe and resubscribe


My local grocery store 30 minutes ago.


The worst thing about the COVID-19 is now my kids have to do all their schoolwork online and if they don’t understand something I need to help them. I’m trying to explain 4th grade math to my daughter after not having done it for 35 years.


Players raid in their cars nowadays


I think we might go into lockdown here soon. Not because the situation is getting that much worse but because yesterday (saturday) it was nice weather, and you see tons of videos popping up of people not keeping their distace from eachother in parks, the beach and other general places…



This translates to:

Emergency alert
NL ALERT [date, time]
Follow the instructions from the authorities: keep 1,5 metres distance! Are you sick, or do you have a cold: stay at home. Protect yourself and the people around you. Together against corona. Keep your distance to others


Yeah, got it aswell. Happy i didnt have the nightshift. Those alerts scare the crap out of me everytime :stuck_out_tongue:
But this is pretty much exactly what i mean. This has been in effect for a few days now, but yesterday people went out and that didnt go unnoticed…