Community Day Mareep — your thoughts?


Deeming Charizard who is my favourite Pokemon regardless of ability and status garbage numerous times in different locations on the forum to me isn’t a joke to me. Ignoring the past posts is okay but that 1 was strictly directed for me to see.


Fine, sorry


I’m excited for the event


Kinda disappointed, I already have one


I dont have Ampharos
But why is someone excited about charmander?


almost everyone is excited about charmander because shiny charziard looks amazing


He looks like a stupid robot


Yeah lol.
Honestly, i don’t like Charizard and only respect it as an iconic gen 1.


I’m disappointed with the both the choice of Pokémon and with having reduced walking distance as the reward. At least with XP or stardust you know what you are getting, with egg hatches it’s a crapshoot and I don’t have a particular Pokémon I need buddy candy from so all I really see is another shiny for the dex.


Also let’s keep this on topic, if you want to start a bag on charizard thread, create it in Lavender Town. If we can’t stay on topic I’ll delete the comments or lock the thread.


Now I’m going to think that it’ll be an other gen 2 Specie (LARVITAR???)


I believe it will go


Only reason to be excited about the following event is 0.25 * Egg hatching.

No matter what move they give to ampharos, I dont think you will use him in your first tier team (unless until he is one of your fav pokemon in the game).


Hopefully and also triple XP or double dust.


I think that the egg hatches are cool, eggs are the absolute best way to get powerful competitive pokémon as well as bulk stardust and candy. However, I think it’s a bit disappointing and I think ideally the reduced egg distance should overlap with the eggstravaganza, but this is cool too. Think about it, you’ll be just slamming through eggs on the 15th. I personally like it.


Nah, we all thought we had it with the Kanto starters getting a community day, especially when frenzy plant got added, the next steps just seemed so obvious. 9000%, it’s an RNG. Set Pikachu for the first one because he’s the series mascot, duh, maybe they chose Dratini to garner more attention (because let’s face it, Pikachu isn’t that great and it’s shiny was already available). The pattern of the choices seemed to make a ton of sense once Bulbasaur was revealed, but I think it’s just as likely that we were connecting dots that weren’t there. We’ll have more evidence to support a pattern theory after the next reveal, but right now, Occam’s Razor supports it’s just an RNG, picks a number from the dex that isn’t legendary, mythical, or unreleased, and the devs work from there. Personally, I think it’s more interesting that way so that there’s just more to anticipate.


They should have done a better job of pairing the quality of Pokémon with the quality of the reward. If they would have paired dratini with egg distance everyone would have been excited. If Mareep was paired with double stardust or triple XP, people would be more enthusiastic.


Hit it right on the head. Some like a Mareep but gen 1ers will always be in masses.

Mareep with egg and and double xp would of been amazing.


I was expecting Mareep as a Community Day Pokémon at least some time this year. (like I’m also expecting Charmander in the near future and Larvitar as an absolute highlight, maybe for July Community Day for Pokémon Go anniversary?)
With the reduced egg hatching distance I’m a bit torn…I love hatching eggs, but at least at the moment with the Eggstravaganza I’m not getting a lot of eggs (my egg space has even been empty in between - never had that before) and the few hatches I get are trash. I can only hope I can accumulate some 5k and 10k eggs before next CD so that I can get some use out of the three hours. Stardust, XP or even candy are a better bonus, but I guess they simply wanted to try a different bonus this time.
I definitely don’t mind getting shiny Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos, though. The CD shinies seem to be the only ones I get…


This community day is a little quicker than the others… wondering if they are gearing up for bi-monthly community days for summer?? Otherwise, I’m OK with Mareep. I think the Shinies make it OK for everyone, but Ampharos attack is definitely high enough for me to use in raids/gym battles.