Community Day Mareep — your thoughts?




It’s happening earlier in the month is what I think they were trying to say


Looking forward to getting another shiny in my dex to be honest!
And I have noticed that Mareep were hatching more frequently for me.


Any speculation as to what the new move would be? Im not 100% sure but I don’t believe Ampharos has a Signature or Special Move as far as Gen 3 movesets go…
It seems that Niantic is pulling movesets from later Gens as in the case of Dragonite / Draco Meteor (First appearing in Gen 4 games).
That being said - is it possible we might get a one off move from a much later gen such as dragon pulse for Ampharos’ community day move? Hmmmmmmmmmm…


Hoping for Wild Charge


11am to 2pm on Sunday is extremely hard for me to get out to participate at all. So it doesn’t matter whether I like the Pokemon they chose to feature. (I didn’t get out until 4pm on Bulbasaur day.) I’m just glad that I was able to make it for an hour of Dratini day, since Dratini’s been a personal favorite since I started playing this silly-but-addictive game.


I like this one. ever since i accidentally transferred my 95 iv one I could use a better one.


Contrary to popular belief, not every Pokemon player has a full squadron of Raikous, Zapdosses, or even Jolteons. For those players, who will attend raids in your neighbourhood, Ampharos is a perfectly viable solution when Electric types are required. And with the Community Happy Hour event, those players should be able to evolve about 3 Ampharosses if they just keep catching for the events’ duration.


I’m not too happy with Community Day Mareep. I can catch 1000 of those in the wild.


Same here, hatched three in a row today…one was a 96


I’m down for this one. I’m still working to evolve the final form, and I rarely find a Mareep anywhere, so this will out me get closer to filling that Pokedex.


I don’t need Ampharos because I already have 2. But both my kids don’t have it yet.


By that I mean haven’t they been towards the end of the month in the past? This one is a little earlier (15th) so I was just speculating.


You can’t catch shiny variants though. It depends on what spawns in your area I guess.
My dex count to Mareep is 43 & was lucky enough to hatch a 100%er so part of my reason for liking this is hoping I get another 100% during the event & also building up my candy to max out the one I already have.


They are hard to find where I live so I’m kind of happy about it


I wonder if “community day” could be even a community half day? As it is, we just get three community hours… Even doubling that (a quarter day) would help.


That’s what I dislike about the event in a nutshell. It’s closer to community happy-hour than to community day. For a community day event, I’d expect it to last at least 8 hours, say, from 9 AM till 5 PM. Not these measly three hours. For balancing purposes, they could then simply halve the buffs and rewards.

3 hours is too small a timeframe to call it a day, and it’s also too limiting for many people to fit into their schedule.
There are people who have to work during these hours. A waitress at a resteurant definitely can’t take her break during these hours.
These hours fall right around lunchtime, which means many kids will miss half the event because they have to be at home.
People in nightshifts will probably sleep around these hours, and they need that sleep to do their work well so they earn money to buy coins.

So, the timeframe needs to be extended for several reasons (including the name, which implies a whole DAY). And for balancing purposes, tuning down the benefits by some 50% is a logical, yet acceptable, trade-off.


Well, I like what you’re saying, but Niantic’s point is to get people in their community. They’re saying that you can congregate in a park and have a good time with your friends the whole day. The event bonuses, so like when it’s in full swing, are on Niantic’s part, but the idea is you spend the whole day out in your community.


I work on Sundays, so again I’ll be at work for Mareep event. Just like Bulbasaur. Luckily it is one I don’t really need but would be nice to get a shiny. This is an event more for my kids because they started playing late. I’m sure they will take the dogs out for a nice 3 hour walk.


@bobbyjack8 What you can do, is, if one of your kids get a shiny Ampharos for example, he/she logs out and play further on your account, so you can get a shiny Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos too.