Community Day Mareep — your thoughts?


next community day was posted, everybodies thoughts?


Not too exited… no ampharos yet but, i wanted the charmabnder more


me too. since i hatched two mareeps today.


Not real excited…I had a hard time finding enough mareep to get an ampharos, but since I got one, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of candy. At least the shiny form is noticeably different. Hatching eggs four times as fast isn’t a great bonus imo.


Just spare your Super Incubators and save up your 10 km eggs. 2.5km should be fairly managable during the community happy hours. Or 1.7 km if you do use Super Incubators.


Majority is disappointed


Of course they want us to hatch our eggs faster, so we buy more incubators.


The majority will always be disappointed because they got spoiled from dratini event or want there own favorite pokemon to be the event mon. I.E shiny charizard. I would rather they continue the trend of giving new life to mons who need help to be meta relevant. As was the case for venusaur who was always in exeggutor shadow then sceptile. If they make ampharos equal or better then jolteon then they have my vote.


I agree, plus Mareep and ampharos have really good looking shinies! Furthermore, like dratini this event will give rural players the chance to get one of the rarest Pokémon from a previous generation


My guess now is that Charmander is next.
It could go something of an alternating system between them.


They probably waiting for a slow month to make the Popular Charizard appearance.


I’m actually looking forward to this. I was lucky enough to get some really good egg hatches when gen 2 dropped so I’ve had an Ampharos for quite a while. But it was my favourite electric type to use playing the gen 2 main series games so I’d love to see it challenge Jolteon in Pokemon Go with a new move.


I’ve had ampharos since 2.20.2017.

I’m still excited for this one.


I’ve never seen a Mareep in the wild or hatched one, so I’m excited for it! :smiley:


Honestly i’m pretty neutral about this event. I would’ve preferred charmander (like most people apparently), but the fact that we’re getting a beautiful looking shiny is good enough for me.


when we get chamander, be it next or later down the road, every community day after that will be disappointing since we all got the most wanted one down.

I’m pretty happy with Mareep. Mareep is rare and rare spawns make good community day targets. Just don’t do gen III yet. Too soon to give away good Gen III via Community day.


Charmander will break the servers. Simple Niantic is testing to see how they will handle the mighty shiny Charizard.


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