Community day guess April 2019


Read the title

Some of my guesses: 10k egg family,
Ralts: popular speculation, and also another sinnoh stone evolution
Bagon: also popular speculation, also 10k egg family


Praying for Ralts or for Gible release


Ralts or Bagon would be awesome but I’m guessing it’ll be torchic chimchar or something that’s not as rare or cool those two


It wont be a starter. We get a starter once every two months.


I’d say Bagon.


I would love to get a shiny Salamence so I’m hoping for Bagon


Ugly shiny slakoth


I pray to Helix we wont get a Slakoth community day


I don’t know I think it’d be kind of cool


I too hope it’s not gonna be Slakoth. I hatched two of them during today’s CD and I wasn’t really happy about it. It’s a pointless Pokemon. I really hope it’s gonna be Bagon. And Ralts maybe for research field day a week after. That’d be amazing.


Slaking seems to me like Gen 3’s Blissey (though Play Rough seems less effective than Dazzling Gleam).


I don’t care if the Pokémon is good or not. I just love finding the Shiny forms of them. So I don’t mind if it’s Slakoth.


They won’t give gible a community day this close to release. It would make people lose interest to quickly.

Ralts would be a great CD though, I’ve got a stock of them waiting.



Its just a wish, I expect either Bagon or Ralts as well


I think bagon and ralts are the 2 most likely contenders…another posibility I could see would be trapinch, but that seems like less of a possibility


Although my guess would be Ralts or Bagon, i wouldn’t rule out Rhyhorn as a surprise entry.

That would have sounded silly to me last year but Swinub changed things for me. Could be a way to release a shiny Rhyhorn family.




My gut says Bagon, and that the move will be Outrage.


Slakoth, with tackle or scratch