Community day guess April 2019


Niantic will never give everyone ten Sinnoh Stones for free again. I don’t see that happening.


I don’t think it’ll happen but would love to see an unown community day.

They could release all 26 letters then give shiny rewards - of the question and exclamation - if you collected half of, or all of the set. Multiple sets could lead to other shiny variants.

Would encourage catching rather than just peeking - and also trading to get those last few missing letters. Make it happen Niantic :crossed_fingers:


Not happening, Slaking is meant to have a huge weakness, thats his gimick




Slakoth line doesnt get tackle. maybe if it was a slakoth CD, it could get a more powerful normal type move than hyper beam


It is bagon




I knew it.


@Jormdeworm you can close this now