Community Day 6 Pokemon Confirmed; and It's Larvitar. Discussion


What do you think? I personally was hoping for lotad but I guess a couple more tyranitars would be nice. I guess it makes up for all those raids i’ve missed.
You think this is

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  • I have tyranitar
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Here’s it too :sweat_smile:


The players in my area who are level 40 or very near it have discussed this and we do NOT like it. We have played since day 1 when there weren’t any raids, no double XP events, no eggs … etc. to make it so easy to level up. We played everyday just grinding along and it took a long time for us to get T-tars, so Niantic giving it away is not right! Niantic has done nothing for the players who have put in so many hours playing and now they’re giving everything away way too easily. T-tar on community day is the final straw


Great. love it. cant wait. Perfect right after Charizard.


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just depends on the people, for the most part the lvl 40 players or near lvl 40 are fine with T-Tar being the community day Pokémon. I mean yes it does sting a little, it took some of us a somewhat long time to get a Ttar (me) and yes most of us have played since day one and worked hard. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that newer players haven’t worked hard to get to a certain lvl or obtain a certain pokemon


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