[Chat] Most Underrated Attacker


Ha I know right! PoGo community ftw!




Why do you use / pick those mons?


I also like to use alakazam which is nice


I must say Noctowl.
I think it is more useful than what it gets credit for. It got good stamina and defense. It can learn the psychic moves Extrasensory and Psychic witch makes it great for taking down fighting type Pokémon. And it’s flying type levels out the normal types weakness for fighting (it does however get weakness against electric, rock and ice).

Another one I like is Tentacruel.
High defense and decent attack and stamina. Poison and water type has its advances and dis-advances. Since it have poison type it levels out the water type weakness to grass types (although it gains weakness against psychic and ground). However when putted against the right Pokémon it can take good abuse and put in a few nice hits as well.

And of course there are more that are useful as attackers. Pidgeot, Jynx, Lanturn, Skarmory, Piloswine, Porygon2, Omastar, Cloyster, Forretress and even one of my most hated Quagsire can be usefull with its water/ground type. Theese are just a few examples.


Omastar is not at all underrated. It is one of the best counters against entei and can reach quite a high CP and is definitely a competitor with Vaporeon.


Love my Sudowoodo, my Aerodactyl and my Pinsir


Cloyster is not underrated either, they are one of the primary Dragonite killers.


Jumpluff with solar beam. Yes I’m a noob, but I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with him so far – both attacking and defending. Never fails to amaze.


Love these guys, good grass types are beast :crazy_face:


True, because Dragonite it part flying, but what if a Machamp is next?


You switch out the sudwoodo
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Gengar with Focus Blast is my new go to attacker


I like Gengar with Shadow Ball


I feel like sucker punch/ focus blast gengar is a good b-list normal type attacker because of the reduced dmg it will take from normal/fighting moves (unless the defender had psychic/earthquake)


I think that Kingdra is really good but not many in gyms


A water set kingdra is a great fire attacker as it has 4x resistance to fire moves, or a dragon set kingdra is a great water attacker as kingdra had 4x resistance to water moves


Swampert with Water Gun/Surf. One of my best water types actually (other than my legion of Vaporeons of course).


I actually think that Exeggutor is the most underrated, I mean, no one uses it (I have six of them, and I don’t really see them have activity). BUT, I hear the attack stat for leaf is the highest, even when Venusaur gets Frenzy Vine. THe defense stat is also good enough for me when I’m battling something that has, like, water or Rock.


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