[Chat] Most Underrated Attacker


So I’m sure everyone here has one Pokémon that they use to go at gyms that no one ever talks about, mine is Umbreon. Umbreon is an absolute tank, mine has a CP of 1430 and melts through snorlaxs with CPs over 2000, it also can take down vaporeons too!! Definitely worth it given the CP difference in attacker vs defender


We haven’t focused on Umbreon lately, honestly, completely forgot about him. Now that you mention it, should probably give it a try!


Umbreon is awesome. Lick and Zen Headbutt not very effective makes him a great counter againts Snorlax. Attack a bit low, but a lot CP makes Jim great.
And lets not forget how beautiful he is. <3


Slowking with confusion and blizzard, pretty high cp for a gen II pokemon, mine is currently maxed out at 2062! Fun pokemon to have and with its water and psychic typing is pretty useful!


No matter what others say, I love using my ~2100 Pinsir with Submission against 3000+ CP Snorlax. I have yet to find a better underrated attacker.

I also love using my 6 Chansey team (all under 1000 CP) to train gyms.


I have the same thing and he is a beast I love him


Definitely going to have to try out a pinsir, I have so many of them!


I have two Exeggutor with CP between 1700 and 1900 they both have Solar Beam as their charge move and they take out Blisseys quite easily


Very interesting, I had been using my pinsir to take out blisseys as it has counter and submission but I gotta try the exeggutor cause I have a 2000 cp one


Eggs with Solar Beam is strong agains Blissey & Vaps.


Venusaur or Victreebel

I don’t seem to see a lot talk about either


As long as it has Solar Beam, it’s all good.


Sudowoodo with Rock Throw and Stone Edge is amazing counter for Dragonite (or any fire type), especially for training. You wouldn’t believe it until you try it.


Vine whip venasaur.

For esteem handicapping. Any fairy. There stats are always quite good for their range. And I said any, including azumarill.


My underrated attackers would be Umbreon, Houndoom, and Exeggutor.
The canines are pretty weak on their DEF, but the dodge makes up for it.
The egg-faced-tree isn’t that bad dodging either, and it can take some hits like a man.


I like to use Ursaring with double fighting moves against normal type defenders. This might change if I ever catch a decent Machamp


My best jolteon on 2100 cp. Beats 2-3 gyrarados in one single match gym. Easy with thunderbolt


:raising_hand_woman: Jolteon is awesome. Amazingly strong and vulnerable to water type opponents. Not very underrated though. In fact, I personally use Jolteon over Ampharos. Who else dude? Oh you have tried Lanturn? It got recently bumped into the battledex. Water/Electric combo is fantastic!


Haven’t met a vaporeon yet that can take down my 1300 lanturn. Also good against gyrados. The best part is the high HP because and can absorb some moves


Sandslash with Mud Shot and Earthquake. That is its best moveset and i have to say it is pretty good attacking. Little side note: My top Sandslash is at 1990 CP. It can fun to put them in gyms around your neighborhood!