[Chat] Most Underrated Attacker


Seadra is also a good attacker. Although, it is only the second tier, my 1300 Seadra can take down 3000+ Dragonites. With a little bit of dodging, you can successfully almost take down at least 2 Dragonites.


This too. Good eye on Sandslash. It’s one of those “surprisingly fast” quick moves, since your used to seeing it on rhydons and whatnot.

Stuff that “tops out” and under gym sit ranks (like this guy, Ursaring, clefable, beamer parasect, and a few others) usually do so at superior final stats from a “stock Evo” guy that sits at that value currently, but can get bigger.

Lapras. Great example. Nerfed past gym sitting he actually is one of the best attackers there is now.


I’ve found Poliwrath to be an underrated attacker in the face of Tyranitar because it resists literally every possible move it can have. And with the latest change to Bubble, he isn’t the slowest attacker on the planet.


I’d love to try that if I could ever evolve be with those moves, 24 so far without that combo.


Yea i got 2 lanturns in my dex. Both with lightning atack. Works awsome and its huge hp helps. Working to get ampharos during event


Jynx with Frost Breath, Avalanche. Highest ice attack base in the entire game.
Think of it is Ice Gangar, with double effectiveness + STAB ice against Dragonite.

Potion efficient. Essential for gym speed runs.


Cloyster is my first choice when I have to battle Dragonite


Lanturn is truly underrated !!


Umbreon is a very weak pokemon!


Mine is Jolteon very high cp and high dps with the right move set my choice for set is thunder shock and thunder bolt.


You don’t have to down others picks that was the point of this post and I’m sorry but if I can destroy two snorlaxs with an umbreon with a 300-700 cp difference that’s pretty good in my book



Some of the best Dragonite killers in my roster. 3k+ are no problem for these guys…


i think its time to beef up my umbreon and try him xD I’m gonna experiment a bit based on you guys sugesstions^^


Aerodactyl is great for fire types and gyarados, i have one with steel wing and ancient power, that moveset let me spam ancient power so i can break gyarados before he hydro pumps me


I’m going to try that soon…


I like using my Kingdra and Flareon for most defenders, including Blisseys. Kingdra with dragon breath + outrage is also good for taking down Dragonites.


Steelix with dragon tail and heavy slam is my go-to Dragonite killer. Dodge 1 charge move and a 2072cp Steelix can take out a 3200cp Dragonite. Also for those Rhydons and occasional Golems, i use my 1728 Starmie with a water moveset to shred them


I’m a lvl 35 trainer and have a lvl 30 1602 Pidgeot about 80% IV that I haven’t powered up since I was level 28 . At the time when I was a level 28 (12/21/2016 is my Pidgeot’s evolve date) I was struggling to beat Snorlax’s between 2,000- 2,600CP. I didn’t have any fighting type Pokemon but I had a strong Pidgy and tons of candy so I evolved him and put him to the test in a gym. I found that I could dodge incredibly fast and deal a decent amount of damage with my wing attack (8) / Hurricane (110) moveset. I powered him up to level 30 and never looked back. I use him all the time for fast prestiging a Snorlax. Plus as a normal /flying type pokemon with two flying type moves he deals out 1x damage to every type but:

Rock .5X (not effective)
Electric .5x (not effective)
Steel .5x (not effective)
Fighting 2x (super effective)
Bug 2x (super effective)
Grass 2x (supper effective)

Since there aren’t many rock, electric, or steel type gym defenders in the current Meta it really is a great universal prestiger and can take down Snorlax, Executor, and Heracross. Check out its base stats / stamina below. It can take a hit and dish hit after hit. In my opinion it is definitely the most underrated attacker.

Pidgeot Base Stats Pidgeot Stat Rankings
Stamina: 166 Stamina: # 57
Attack: 166 Attack: # 109
Defense: 157 Defense: # 109
Max CP: 1994 CP: # 96
Overall: # 95


I like training at friendly gyms with a Butterfree that uses Bug Buzz. I guess the animation looks really cool and it does some damage. Training at friendly gyms is fun because you get to use Pokemon that you wouldn’t normally use when attacking opponent’s gyms.


SCArsenal: wing attack, hurricane is very very good in damage output for his cp. That being said, I love wing attack, and am pretty sad it got retired.

If you want (just in whatever stock guys you have optioned, don’t power up) try bite, hyper beam estimate, fury cut, beam parasect, and big buzz venomoth.

My legacy 96 wing attack, blast charizard is a beast. It’s just…we don’t get it anymore.