[Chat] Most Underrated Attacker


EXEGGUTORS with confusion and solar beam. … got 6 of them … They are so good in battle …


Jolteon is not underrated, it’s one of the best Pokemon to take down a Gyarados, Vaporeon and lots of other Pokemon.

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Tangela. Mine has Solar Beam. Obviously a strong attack, its just cool to have it on Tangy.


I think Jynx might be quite underrated. I have one with Confusion and Avalanche and she’s actually a very decent Pokémon. I don’t really have a problem defeating Dragonite with her and I wish she’d get more attention.


I think Tentacruel is pretty underrated…Mine knows Poison Jab & Blizzard and I find it deals a lot of damage, lasts quite awhile in battle compared to others and is a pretty good defender too


Poliwrath and gengar. Poliwrath was my first 100IV and I have maxed him out. With two fighting type moves he can destroy tyranitars, snorlaxes and even blissies. In my opinion he is a well- balanced pokemon who can deal a lot of damage if you know how to use him. And for gengar: he is THE BEST glass cannon in the game. One shadow ball can wreck even vaporeons, but if you let your genger be hit by a charge move, say gg and go heal your gengar. Btw recently I got 100IV haunter, so I will max out him as well.


My fovorite is Xatu: Futuresight 51.48DPS (same as Lugia)
Should be a priority in raid against machamp
P/D: I caught him wild at that level :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Pillowsine, Jynx and Cloyster with good IVs and Avalanche / Ice Beam are amazing against electric types and Dragonite.


I havent done alot of gym battles but when i do ive always had good luck with my Kingler cp1504 with metal claw and vice grip. Dont know why but he always seems to come through.


I have an 1100 cp Victreebel with a Solar Beam 180… Blissey is no match.


I have 100% Poliwrath Rock Smash Hydro Pump completely destroys Snorlaxes and Rhydons.


Ditto doesn’t get much love, but can be very versatile and useful.


Just recently started focusing on an Umbreon in preparation for Mewtwo… its a friggin low CP beast… total sleeper


Kingler, lways had great luck with them


Im waiting to get a good scizor (greater than the 2 87% iv i have) so i can power that up for the mewtwo battles. Its a good replacement for ttar if you dont have enough of them since scizor also takes reduced dmg from most of mewtwos dmg, and does se dmg with a bug moveset. Its also good because you dont have to worry about mewtwo having focus blast with scizors.


I have a Pinsir nest near me and I’ve got some with decent IVs. I just need to power them up for Mewtwo, also still need to get lots of Scyther candy for Scizor.


Ditto isn’t useful because when it transforms it has very low cp and doens’t do a lot / if any damage at all.


It depends on the initial CP of the ditto and what it transforms into. For example, Gengar is super effective against Gengar so a strong Ditto might come in helpful.


Unfortunately it retains its own HP regardless of the HP of what it transforms into so even being super effective it should take only a couple of hits to kill… Still fun to use them against Legendaries though.


Can I just say how amazed I am at this thread, I started it the day the forums opened and it’s still getting responses. Love the community here