Chat for Texas players, California players, Chicago players, Michigan players, and West Virginia players!


Hope there us some ppl here to talk to


Cowboys stink!!!


Yes you are correct sir


But there is no one else so can I join


Don’t feel bad the two people in this chat ain’t even from Texas so your honorary Texan today


Ok and I changed the title.


I lived in New Mexico for 3 months. Can I post here?


It won’t let me post


I get what you’re saying about so many threads just made it just to do it


I grew up in Maryland. Does that disqualify me?


When I tried to log in to forum today, it gave me error that I am not allowed to log in from that IP address, but when closed browser and logged in again, it worked. This happened couple times already today. Anybody experiencing any login problems today?


No everyone’s welcome


I also lived in North Carolina and Hawai’i.


I don’t know about Hawaii I’ll have to check


And Japan too. Need to be sure.


Oh yeah you’re welcome buddy Japan is the home of Pokemon




VERY true


Go Steelers!


Go Ravens!!!
(I’m actually a Redskins fan but the Ravens just beat Steelers)