Challenge someone


500 dust, stone, 500 dust. Thanks for the battles


Thanks to you too




Someone wanna battle


Someone on for a battle


I’ll be up for battle during Halftime of Super Bowl. Not going to watch that.


Do you still have to be ultra friends to battle?




Thanks. The way challenges were flying around here made it seem like anybody could battle now.

Or maybe everybody here is ultra friends? Whatever. Pvp is pretty cool, but I’m still finding raids to be way more fun and rewarding. Rare candies, TMs, etc…

Besides I haven’t gotten a challenge to battle for a long time.


a lot of us forumers added each other when friend was first brought to Go.

Only a handful of us actually can battle one another.




I just beat on my first 2 battles but I got rare candy each time.


Worst super bowl ever


Not if you like defense.


Can someone explain in the Lets talk- anything what the super bowl is?




Are we friends in Pokemon go




No stones for me today but I got Rare Candy on first 2 fights.


Oh no! Somebody needs to start new count thread. I don’t know how to do it.