Challenge someone




Daaaaaang. I definitely need more forum friends. lol


Weren’t you the first to offer your trainer code on the Hub here for friend invites when the friend thing was launched?


Yea that’s me so we friends or not???


No, I’m afraid. By the time I even noticed the friend feature your post had over a hundred responses – way over the limit for daily gift opening. So I posted my code, reached the daily limit in less than 2 hours, and took down my code.

That’s how we wound up in different circles of game friends. By the time requests stopped coming from my deleted post, I had twice as many as I could sustain with a trainer that can never get more than an hour a day to gather gifts to send.


As the definitive early adopter of the friend feature here you must have reached 200 friends within that first week.


Yup but now I got 130 so if you got room


Yes how do we do it
I thought you had to be like next to somebody in order to battle them


No, not for battling.


You know how PvP works?


@Pokemon can battel in 10 minutes




6 more days




Sure, now?






I do if you do. Sending code momentarily…


It’s not that I don’t want to fight you, but you keep challenging me when I’m driving.


@Cup you got skipped again in my present rotation because you didn’t open my last present so we must fight.