Challenge someone


Post on here if you want to challenge one of the users so you can set up time I think this will be a little bit easier @5GodLink @Pokemon @bobbyjack8


I don’t know don’t want to get in trouble for going off topic


Got it.
@Cup @bobbyjack8 wanna battle?


I got new team for great league.
After lets do ultra. Never done a ultra


Sure cuz you know it’s a matter of time where it will randomly pop up in other topics users posting I challenge you




Great league is very tricky


Let finish @Pokemon


I sent request


So who battling right now


Cup please accept


did it lagged out


Whenever i accept it doesnt work


Going to reset phone be ready to battle in a few


You ready?


It’s going to be a minute for me I found the problem I have 27 updates I need to do on my phone I’ve been wondering why my phone is running slow I will let yall know


I’ll be ready to battle you and everyone in about an hour


I can’t battle anymore. Tomorrow.


Okay let me know I got my phone working now


Somebody want to try out pvp?