Best Pokémon for PvP Great/Ultra Leagues so far


Which ones you guys found viable?

The ones that’ve surprised me so far are Illuminise and Seviper,
I am looking for new ideas to try. :grin:


Blastoise, Entei, :grin:


Lucario, i been 2on1ing alot alot.


Please use more variety of Pokemon, it is more fun that way. And you don’t want me to memorize your Great League team, right? Lol. :grinning:


More variety?
I don’t use the same pokemon on a team…


You beat me twice with almost the same team in Great League, I did not expect to face legendary tho, lol


:joy: @Mew1 I’m not sure what else to use.
I don’t have the best 1500 cp pokemon… butterfree? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I tried to use more variety, even if they are around 1400 CP or below, because I would not use them any place else except Great League.


I mix mine up a LOT. So far, aside from the usual ones that seem to get a lot of use, the Pokemon I have used a lot are:

Alolan Sandslash


My teams consist of a wide variety, but The Pokemon that make up most of my teams in great league are Azumarill, Steelix, dragonite, Charizard, grovyle, Alolan ninetails, whiscash, blastoise.
Ultra league I haven’t tried as much, but I found a team that netted me a 15 match win streak the last two days, bb Charizard, kingdra, and bite/shadowball Crobat!


Wishcash with water/water/ground is suprisingnly good in the 1500 cp cap


Lanturn, great stamina and variations of attacks water/electric I can catch trainers off gaurd!


FLW Videos says Mawile is good, with Bite/Play Rough/Iron Head.


it is good, but I’ve seen a lot of fire types in the meta so far, especially with blast burn being one of the best moves in pvp, so that has moved me away from using mine as often as id like to.


Great League
Dodrio (surprisingly good)
Miltank (Tac BS)


Tyranitar’s bite is a beast.


Blast burn typhlosion is suprisingly good


In great league I like to use Dugtrio. The normal one and not Alolan.


My Kangaskhan does pretty well.


I use Kangaskhan too. I have 3 normal Dugtrio and all of them just above 1500, like so many I would like to use.
They should create a league from 1500 to 2000 cp.