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I allready have the ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:


Many of us are required to stay home because of a “shelter in place” order in our town. Where is the Pokéstop nearest your home located?

  • I can reach it without leaving home.
  • Beyond reach, but I can see it from home.
  • Can’t see it from home, but it’s in same town or neighborhood.
  • In another town or neighborhood.
  • I spoof, so everything is within reach to me.

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While I can reach a Pokéstop from my desk, the closest gym is about 10 feet too far away for me to reach. Where is the closest Pokégym to you located?

  • I can reach it without leaving home
  • I can see it, but not reach it from home
  • Beyond view, but in the same town or neighborhood
  • In another town or neighborhood
  • I spoof, so I raid wherever I please

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With a little luck I can spin a Stop from my home. It usually takes 3-4 minutes for my Trainer to walk to it as it’s JUST outside reach.


My vote must have been I can see it, but can’t reach it. Only can’t change it…


That’s odd. Can’t you tap on ‘Hide Results’ and then change your answer?


That appears to be what your vote is. Should you have chosen a different vote?


My grandma has a pokestop and gym at her condo


“I spoof, so raid wherever I please :smile:


Are you serious?


Naw, he’s just laughing at one of the responses I put in the poll. It was meant to be a joke.


(Aren’t you?)


Yes, she lives in downtown LA


I’m joking…


Very nice


Which event was/is your favorite

  • Trickster Pokemon Event
  • Spring into Spring Event
  • Physic Spectacular Event

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Definitely not the Trickster Pokémon Trash. I have decided not to call it an event anymore, because this has been one of the worst ‘Events’ Pokémon GO has had. I would even prefer the normal spawns over it. The only thing that’s good about this Trash is that I don’t have to get out, but I honestly don’t even want to go out. Can’t wait until it’s April 8th.

Oh, and I an not yet sure what I am going to think about the Spring into Spring event, but it looks cool if you can go out and there’s nothing you really miss out on if you can’t go out, so good job Niantic! :wink:

This is just horrible.


Hating on @Brobraam?
Bro must have not got 50 dittos yet, although he probably has


I certainly agree with you, some Pokémon featured already have low catch rate, like Sudowoodo and Aipom. Voltorb and Foongus have abit higher catch rate than those two. Adding Ditto to the mix lower the catch rate more, it uses up more balls quickly.