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I had a friend take every thing off my phone but what I need for games worked good but wife mad cuz can’t run face time lol


I’m not doing a factory reset again
It probably wont stop the bug


I had to hook my phone up to my wife’s laptop to do a reset one time. But after that, my phone worked great. Had to do it because my phone was too slow to play POGO anymore.


You did it already? It didn’t help?


I can’t make an appopointement with the phone dealer. Ill wait a few days for the problem to go away


No I’ve done it before and it didn’t help


I hope it works bro I had a friend of mine mess with my phone now we can’t do nothing but the internet and games


Un install + Factory reset + re install game, still same problem?


I can’t go on my phone and I don’t want to lose my stuff but thanks for the help guys i appreciate y’ all


Perhaps it is time to have a new phone that is cheap enough for PoGo like mine which is Asus Zenfone 3 (Latest is the Zenfone 5 and with Zenfone 6 incoming).

It is cheaper but the spec is still comparable to pricy one. It has a good processor and graphics chip. also loaded with 4GB RAM and 64GB Internal Memory with SD extension.

It would be less hassle to have a new one and still save the old phone for its content. And then when time comes that you had already back up everything in the old phone, you can then do the factory reset without hesitation. Then try if the PoGo app will work again in the old phone.


I got a Galaxy J-3 Luna Pro cost like 60 bucks after my friend broke into it runs games and internet Like A Champion


I’m still using phone that @Jaxxon8 made me get in 2016 so he could play Pokémon Go.


Haven’t decided yet


I always buy cheap phones have a bad habit of throwing them at work


What do you do more often?

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  • Both

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In a high percentage I reach the meta and don’t answer…


^^^I don’t even know what that means.


Hehehe, it’s a spanish-german way to talk english…
I don’t like this thread, I don’t like Polls, so I try to ignore them.
And in a high percentage I reach this meta of not responding.


^^^You are awesome at just being you so please keep it up.


You’re starting to grow on me