Answer and Make Poll


And I will say this I want to punch trainer tips guy in the face


Youtubers are stupid but im sorry if anyones a utuber




What is the best ground type charged move?

  • Earthquake
  • Dig
  • Bulldoze
  • Mud Bomb

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Should Unown be part of an event?

  • Yes, but spawns need to be limited.
  • Yes, spawns should be all over.
  • No, keep it as it is.

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After you got your Smeargle, will you get another one each day from now on?

  • Yes
  • No

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I can’t get smeargle.
I don’t think it wants me
Maybe if i do the @bagguille cat trick…


@Thorend I agree with you because unowns are one of the reasons that events do well and Niantic needs their events to do well (to run the game functionality and increase popularity)


Don’t give up so easily @Pokemon


You can do it @Pokemon


Which starter would you pick?

  • Grookey
  • Scorbunny
  • Sobble

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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield announced at Pokemon Direct 2019

I will try but that doesn’t mean I’ll get one


@Cup @Mew1 My game wont even load I give up I can’t get a stop I can’t catch a pokemon I can’t play this event I can’t do anything I can’t play this game I can’t get my research breakthrough


Have you tried redownloading your game yet? Hope it helps… :grimacing:


It doesn’t help


Which Kanto Legendary is hardest to catch? Or which do we like best? Or which do we most wish to return for raid boss? Or …

Polls with both nouns and verbs seem easiest to understand and answer…


Usually Right Hand, Counterclockwise. But if the Pokemon is on the right side of the screen, I’ll often use Right Hand, Clockwise. And if it’s in the center of the screen but far away, I’ll often use a straight throw, since curves are hard to get to the center at a distance.


That sounds like a total bummer, @Pokemon. Is it feasible for you to have the phone’s dealer make a direct (hands-on) diagnosis of the problem? (Or some other qualified phone techie?)

Is there another member of the Hub able and willing to help? My tech support days are long gone and on far different types of platforms (like DEC mainframes and Unix workstations…)


I hope it gets better


@Pokemon, if you don’t have too much important stuffs saved on your phone, maybe try a factory reset to clean up everything in your phone and gives it a fresh start