After transfer, I'm taken back to the top of the list...why?


Starting last night (12/20) when I was in the pokemon list and transferred one, say Eevee, to the professor, instead of coming back to the list in the middle of my Eevees, I have been going all the way to the beginning (Bulbasaur) and have to scroll down to where I was before. What can be done to put the list default back to the way it was before?


Blow up Nianitc HQ
Seriously tho, how can they mess up something like this, the feature had nothing to do with updates


I have found the same thing. With all the new pokemon we are getting to catch, it is becoming annoying and time consuming, but hopefully they notice it soon and fix the issue.


I have found that its annoying too, but if you are trying to transfer a crap ton of pidgey’s, in the search option start typing it in and begin transfering them, it wont reset your search bar after you transfer.


good tip. I hope they fix the bug though.



It will (hopefully) be fixed soon.


The worth is I tried yesterday to make a multi-evolution session… the time lost of my lucky egg was horrible, normally a could make nearly the double


This bug has made it a very tedious task cleaning the bag after a session of catching on Lures or the Go Plus.
I hope they fix this very quickly.


This really upsets me. Hopefully they fix it soon.


Thanks for posting that response. I had not seen that information yet. Hopefully fixed soon.


I’ve found a little trick, but it helps only when you’re taking a look on your mon’s.
When you open for example an eevee, don’t close him fast again, and move the screen a little bit to the bottom.
After that, close it, and you see that you are in the same place of the list as before.
But I found nothing what to do when you are deleting mons, or when you are evolving.


There seems to be a whole laundry list of bugs in the latest patch.


The game has developed more severe lag and stuttering problems in the last 2 days that weren’t there before for me.
Seeing the same problem on both Samsung J7 Prime and iPhone 6s devices


Sorry to say, this issue has pretty much stopped me in my tracks. Haven’t leveled up since it began; I simply find it too frustrating to have to scroll repeatedly down all the way to the bottom to evolve any of the new Gen 3s as they come in. Result? A Pokemon box that feels hopelessly backlogged.

Evolving used to be a pleasure, but increasingly it feels like a chore, if not in fact some sort of punishment (or otherwise intentional disincentive from evolving). Evolving used to be a rather enjoyable challenge relating to appropriate allocation of limited resources (time, planning, pineapples, &c.) but now feels more like a downight pavlovian rat-in-a-maze consolation prize, where you click and scroll, retracing your steps repeatedly, until eventually (if you remember all the steps) you wind up with a Blaziken.


I don’t like this feature because sometimes I forget what I was doing when it takes me back to the top.


Tip: type in «Evolve» in the search bar, and then you Get up all the pokemon that are ready to evolve


Thank you! Now I can finally move forward in the game again. (It s seriously got me stuck.)


How bloody long will it take to fix this?
Actually, it worked just fine for ages until a couple of weeks ago – how long before it will work again?


Doesnt really fix it, you will still need to scroll down after a while


True, but it eliminates the hassle of having to relook after Pokémon ready to evolve. And when you evolve a Pokémon, it doesn’t show up on the filtration anymore.