After transfer, I'm taken back to the top of the list...why?


Try typing evolve&10,13,19,265 - use the numbers of all the pokemon you want to evolve - in the search field, and only the selected pokemon are shown, if you can evolve them. You may use a really long string of numbers. If you tried it and it showed really the pokemon you wanted, you may copy the string, throw your lucky egg, go to the serach field, paste the string you earlier copied, and the go on evolving… I used this trick already three or four times, and it is even much faster then the regular method with scrolling. Of course it takes some time before evolving, searching all the numbers and so, but it really works fine. Here is the article I’ve got this tip from, but it is in German…


This is a good suggestion, and does work. I enjoy being able to scroll through the deck, finding pokemon to evolve, discovering which gender I need and which pokemon I want to evolve in the chain.
If I have to remember where I am, or what numbers to evolve, it becomes too much like hard work and then it starts to become a chore.


This workaround requires users to learn search-query syntax and look up and remember pokemon numbers, like going back to a basic programming class. It penalizes casual players and blurs the line between recreation and work. This isn’t requesting a new feature, but the restoration of a basic feature that Niantic broke. The longer this goes, the more it tempts me to go back to Red Herring for play time.


The new patch fixed the scrolling issue. Thank you Niantic.


I’m so happy this bug has been fixed.


I was quite happy to notice the scrolling fix this afternoon. Thank you.


But carefull, as a side-effect now the type of ball you have choosen to catch a Pokémon doesn’t go back to the normal ball after the catch. So if you have used a Great Ball for something interesting and the next is a Pidgey, you will use again the Great Ball, if you don’t change it manually back.


you’re right, and that is also annoying. But not nearly as much. I’ll take the trade-off.