Adventure sync - Rewards


Halfway there…


Broke the 50 km barrier today because of CD





I might not make rewards this week. It’s already Thursday and I’m only at 20 km.


Lazy week - but I got the best reward I could want :slight_smile:


I’m not going to make my 50 km this week. Weather has sucked, I’m home sick from work today, and I’m still 5.2 km short.



In the upcoming version 0.159.0 there will be a new rewardlevel. Level 4 is 100km.



In last month I would only qualify once for it… considering incoming winter this will be tricky one…


I’ve only gotten over 80 km once, and that was when I was on vacation and did a lot of walking. This might be my 2nd week in a row not hitting 50 km


There’s not much hope I can see myself racking up 100km in a week.
Between 20-30km is normal for me or 40-55km if I get out on the bike to play for 1-2 days.
Very few players would be doing 100km legit. This will just incentivise those that use not legit methods of racking up km to do it even more.
The cheaters will gain the rewards while legit players miss out.
Poor move by game developers.


I think 75km would be a more realistic top level


I got once 300 km, because of 24/7 night-long GPS-drifting. But walking…


Who cares about spoofers?
it supposed to be a challenge - so 100k is very nice idea.
it would be better if they would somehow find a way to include cycling to distance. It is not great that we have to just walk. I would prefer to cycle 30-40km a day than walk for 20…


They adjusted the speed so you could cycle to get it. Just don’t go over 20 km per hour. I know that’s slow, but it will count.


Wasn’t it that just 1/4 of the cycling distance counts for the adventure sync distance? Or was it 1/2?


Since when this is the case? I did cycle this summer and from 20km rides I rarely got more than 1km… and almost never passed 20km/h… usually it is 15-18… less if up the hill…
In last months I only walk and run - and I am just happy that running counts - although it is super annoying when I start running having only 1km left for an egg and then, after an hour, I got this egg and nothing else…(I usually run 10k within 1h) - I wish default incubator would just take another egg for hatching.


I havent even hit 50km in a week yet. My max is like 40-42 km. I could hit 50 if I had a week off with nice weather. 100km I could never hit unless I shake my phone nonstop.


I’m only halfway there so far this week