Adventure sync - Rewards


Only one 10km egg. Fingers crossed it’s Unown. :crossed_fingers:


The one you get from rewards this week should be Unown. If not than that is horrible.


Sad. I kept having Egg spaces left during almost the whole event but not when I got my Adventure Sync rewards I think. :slightly_frowning_face: Did walk more than 73 km’s though - that might be a new record for me.


It wasn’t Unown :unamused:


Mine wasn’t either. It was Riolu. I have 1 more 10km egg cooking before it’s done.


So many kilometers, eggs, candies and calories this week!


Recorded my lowest K’s for a week with 8.2k since this came in due to being laid up for 5 days with a killer gum infection after a tooth extraction.









And I was thinking where I could check what I got for this… Now I know - Journal!
But it must be cleared out after each login, right? As I do not have anything there…
Shame - as I hit my personal best for last week - 141km (usually it is around 90).

How come you can get eggs from this? Do you not spin poke stops at all?


When you hatch last two eggs on Sunday, just don’t spin Poke stops and don’t open gifts and you’ll get 2 eggs on Monday morning.


Are they any different than from stops?


No, they’re the same.


Back to my standard week now :slight_smile:


before gen 5 dropped, the 10km egg from this was a guaranteed Gen 4 hatch.
I have no idea how this is with gen 5 live now.

All i know is that 10km eggs from adventure sync are worth it, and are better then random 10k’s, so no crappy larvitaar or the 100th dratini or slakot


I’ve seen reports of gen 4 & 5, but also Bagon. A gen 3…


I got a Bagon from mine last week


My 10km egg I got yesterday from rewards was Shinx.