Adventure sync - Rewards


Only one 10km egg. Fingers crossed it’s Unown. :crossed_fingers:


The one you get from rewards this week should be Unown. If not than that is horrible.


Sad. I kept having Egg spaces left during almost the whole event but not when I got my Adventure Sync rewards I think. :slightly_frowning_face: Did walk more than 73 km’s though - that might be a new record for me.


It wasn’t Unown :unamused:


Mine wasn’t either. It was Riolu. I have 1 more 10km egg cooking before it’s done.


So many kilometers, eggs, candies and calories this week!


Recorded my lowest K’s for a week with 8.2k since this came in due to being laid up for 5 days with a killer gum infection after a tooth extraction.