Adventure sync - Rewards


I see 3 Eggs in that screen shot above 10k, 7k and 5k Eggs


Thats just showing whats in his super incubator at the moment.


:rofl::rofl: was seeing the outline of the incubator as a bubble :slightly_frowning_face:
Still no 7k Egg for me then :disappointed::disappointed:


Don’t you have friends that send gifts?


Pm your code I’ll add you


@NotanotherKangaskhan doesn’t have friends in the game because he has a kid account that was for his children first but started playing on it himself later on, as far as I can remember.


Stil think it is one of the biggest mistakes in Pokémon Go is that friends isn’t for kidsaccounts. Making friends is part of growing up.


Maybe one day it will be available.



No rare candy or silver Pinaps today. I did get a 5 km egg though.


I finally was able to time it right where I would have open egg space on reward day. I had to walk the dogs in order to make sure it was open.


I got more stardust than before!




I love how the game now better measures the distance, even when I’m riding a bike. It’s so much easier to get to 50 km.


Having to walk Feebas 20 km helped too.


Got same rewards this week


Didn’t want the eggs this time. Because, today 10km eggs will be my target. I need unowns :yum:


5 eggs into the event: no 10km so far. Its not looking good.


I only hatch 1 at a time usually so I’ll just have to hope luck is on my side.


Got a 5km egg instead of 10km from AS