Adventure sync - Rewards


Seems there still is a chance on a stone.


Got 3 Rare candy this morning.


All I ever get is Pokeballs


8 rare candy, 1000 SD and alot of balls.


No rare candy this week, 5km egg and balls


23.8km and only Red Balls.





I never walked that much to get any of that


It’s a pity the Dust you get is not a multiplier in line with the km you walk and capped to 50km.
E.g. Lets say every km is worth 100 dust. For your 38.8 km you would get 3880 Dust. That would be a fair payback for a weeks work and if you capped it at 50km the most you can get each would be 5000 Dust.
If that numbers to high make it 50 dust for each km so the maximum was 2500 Dust for a week. I think that would be more reasonable.


So you don’t want it for km, only three categories of dust-reward. Because I get 300 km every week and would receive the same max as one with 50km?


It must be capped so people cant cheat it to gain mega amounts of Dust.
For those that do more than 50km genuine, good luck to them but they should not get a massive advantage of mega dust v those that for what ever reason only manage to do 5km.

The Dust reward is of course on top of what ever Balls, Berries, Eggs and Stones that are given already. It would be an added incentive to walk or ride more while playing. At the moment there’s no incentive to push the km if you make it to 25km and know you’ve got no hope of reaching the 50km.
People might push on from 25km to gain a bit more dust, I know I would make more of an effort.


Yeah, reasonable, but sad for me… :disappointed_relieved:


The coin cap stinks for me. I take down 20 gyms a day but only get 50 coins.


But again, it makes it fair because spoofers do not have the incentive to be in 20 gyms. The only ones who are are super motivated players.


I never thought about it like that but it does kind of deter spoofing


Luckily I’ve never really had to deal with spoofers. Maybe once or twice in the town I work in, but never where I live.



It’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve got the 50k up.
Now the weather is starting to get cooler I might be able to get out on the bike again and ramp the k’s back up.
I’m curious to see if I can get a 7k Egg for the reward as I have no other current means of getting a 7k egg.


7km eggs arent part of the reward pool. Only 5 and 10.