Adventure sync - Rewards


Less than usual as I spent one day at home/ill…

if this mysterious 100k goal is true - than we are getting an extra 10,000 sturdust (not sure why they saying 16k - since 6k is a reward for 50k anyway).
Well… stretch a bit to get extra 10k is a fair deal - but I wonder…
What time exactly is this reward granted?
To be able to get extra 50% (use a star piece) will make sense now - 8k more - even if it would be the only activity done during this 30 min when star is working. But the question still stands - when use it?
For now I can only say that is is somewhere around Monday morning…


I think 09:00 local time. If you wanna be safe: Wait till atleast 10:00.


That’s the thing - you cannot play this safe…
I understand that you need to use star piece first and then hope that reward is granted within 30 min from that time.
So… 8:55 use a star piece, close app, wait 25 min, open app and hope that reward will be there with 24k instead of 16k…
Usually I close app before work and then open it around 11 to get the reward - but this window is too long as star piece works only for 30 min…


For me it works every week:

once 9.00 o’clock is reached

  • first I look how many kilometers I have walked
  • and when I go back to the normal screen I receive the gifts

So, before looking the kilometers I start the starpiece, and everything works fine.
It has never failed, no receiving later on.


I was still 5 km short of 50 for 2nd week in a row.


I had 36km on crutches :smirk:


I will try next week :slight_smile: it is the best usage for star piece I can think of… during those 30 min I can also open 20 gifts - there will be some extra stardust from there also.
Probably in a year or two I would not care about this extra 10k a week… but for now - every piece counts :slight_smile:


No… not NEXT week… and I guess NOT SOON…
Here is current forecast
I can only expect it becoming worse in next 3-5 months… so - no more long walks/outdoor running till March/April…
Oh well… some GO players at the other side of the world are probably looking forward to have nice weather instead :wink:


I’m on the opposite side and it’s just starting to get warmer where the ph over heats with too much direct sun.
We have around a month left before we have 3 months of stinking hot weather making daylight hours play quite uncomfortable outside of shaded areas.


Damn, that is a nasty forcast…


Spent a few hours 3 nights during the week walking around in a Poke Stop saturated area chasing Rocket Stops. Also has the bonus of 10 Gyms I’m not Gold in.
First time since the bonus dust incentive I’ve made 50k.


Well… I managed to get over 50… but getting wet every day is not fun…
And only berries this time - no rare candies…
Then I saw new forecast… rain every day (again!) and temp dropping by few degrees… I would have give up the walks if not for Pokeball Plus - this is the only way I can still get my daily catching target done :slight_smile:


I reached the 100km this week… but I only really walked 35-40km, my usual distance, the rest was lots of GPS drift (found a spot in my apartment where GPS is really bad, that made about another 25-30km) and some subtle phone shaking at work while in meetings… for research purposes, only, of course :blush::blush::blush::blush:
I wouldn’t do that again, it’s not worth the struggle (for me personally). If you don’t have time to walk 100km a week, just accept those 10-15k less stardust…

I dropped a star piece at 8:55, here’s what I got this time


The problem is that really there’s nothing sooo special in the gift-bag that will push you to do it.


Right. If they put a Unova stone, charged TM, super incubator in the prize pool, then it would be worth it.


well… none of the above as such is worth walking for extra 50km…
15k stardust is one day of catching mons, incubator you can buy for coins you earn for defending gyms, charged cards are fairly common bonus in raids and Unova stones you will be throwing away in a year or so - like with other similar items.
Those extra rewards make only sense when you are walking kilometres anyway, or almost anyway - for example you are doing 90 you will think about getting 100 or if you are doing 45 - than getting 50 makes sense.
To convince players to change their habits completely - say walking for 100k instead of 15k - the rewards would need to be much more appealing I believe… like 10, 20 times more than they are now… and NOT those silly balls… :slight_smile:
Every week I delete from my backpack about 1000 balls (500 when I am less active, 2000 when I play a lot) - usually 400 red, 500 blue, 100 black - so getting any number of them from weekly rewards is just a joke.
But well… I do walk anyway - so anything they give - is a bonus :slight_smile:


I’d totally support this.
Unova stone, TMs, and premium items like incense, incubators, lures, raid passes,… That would get me going!


First time in 3 weeks I made it. I guess trick or treating with the kids pushed me the extra distance.




Forgot to post this yesterday.
I’ve been farming a nest last week 3 days for 1hr before work and 3hrs on Saturday walking the same loop all the time.