A Colossal Discovery


Do we have any idea on quest missions for this yet? Trying to plan ahead a touch but with no idea what to expect it’s proving a tad tricky.


Nope. It might be datamined in the next few hours before the event, or we might just have to wait untill New-Zealand shares their experience with the rest of the world.


Plan on raiding all 3 Regis. That’s all I know.


Snapshots of all of them, evolving rock/steel/ice Pokémon


Need to make new friend too, so I’ll need to delete some inactive players tomorrow morning.



Pretty easy.


Glad I haven’t bought a ticket yet, because that would’ve made it impossible for me. And I already can not play that much this weekend.


Well, this is going to be easy.


I’m not worried for me, but I know my son doesn’t have enough candy to evolve all those types. I tried to tell him to start catching them now, because they are out, but he’s stubborn.


I’m glad it’s any regi and not one of each, but still … a little dubious that I can do this. I’d have to hope that people are around when I raided not once, not twice, but three times. That can be a struggle for me sometimes. lol


I like the metal you get


The quest is a lot easier than I’d have expected. When I read it this morning, I bought a ticket right away…
I know I shouldn’t have… But I haven’t spent real money on the game for two months, so I guess it’s ok. Even my husband bought the ticket when he saw the quest.
It’s almost 2pm here at the moment, I have done my raids (hubby asked me to play for him, too… this is becoming a permanent condition :thinking:), but we will be doing the rest of our passes in the afternoon together.
Up to now after 4 raids, I got myself a shiny Regirock, and for my husband a shiny Regice.

I especially like the field research tasks, but no shiny Skarmoury yet… We’ll see what the afternoon will bring.

I like the event so far, but I don’t think I’d buy a ticket again if there are more events like this. Maybe if Pokécoins can be used…


Yea it seems like it will be easy to complete


Many people are crying foul because they expected a huge Shiny opportunity where they’d get Shinies every 10 minutes. The amount of unmerited expectations people have in game events is staggering.

I’m doing the event not for Shinies, but for the Regigigas. It may be too difficult for me to get a Regigigas from EX Raids for a while, so I need to get him while I can. Shinies have nothing to do with it.


Didnt get the pass. After i saw the rewards i decided it wasnt worth it for me. I did 7 raids after work, got shiny Regice so far. Tomorrow hopefully ill get one of the other two.
Regigigas will come later. EX-raids are plenty arround here, so im not worried about missing that at all.


It was pretty easy to complete. Not worth the $8


Yeah, I’m content with waiting for the EX raids.


The best part was interacting with my local community during the raids. Most of us finished really quickly.


It was worth the 8 bucks to me, and I caught a Shiny Regice and a 91% Regigigas, in addition to a Shiny Geodude. I had a lot of fun actually, and did all 10 of my Free Raids.