A Colossal Discovery


only problem was the weather… two pair of shoes are wet at the end… no shinies, nor exceptional Res - but I got one Geodude FFF today - in general I am quite happy with results :slight_smile:


The game seemed to have sensed that my husband didn’t really want to play the event… We went out for spending our remaining passes later… and boy… I have never seen shiny luck like this before. I think we did 7 more raids, I got a second shiny Regirock. Two shinies were more than I’d expected from this event, but I’d have preferred two different ones… Now about the unseen shiny luck…
I had already caught my husband a shiny Regice in the morning. The first raid we did in the afternoon he got a shiny Registeel, the raid after a shiny Regirock, then two raids later another Registeel. And if this wasn’t enough already he finally got his first shiny Sneasel from a Glacial Lure (placed by some unkown playing neighbors) when we came home…
In the end he was super happy to have spent the €8,99 on this ticket.

It might not have been a “Go Fest wherever you are”, but it was a nice event. As I already said before: let us buy Tickets with Pokécoins and I’m fine with events like these (as long as its content gets released to all players later).


It was pretty popular here in Northern California, my area had around 80 people do it most of us got at least one shiny. I’m pretty happy with the event, got my stones, two shinies, great iv regis and a lucky Regigigas. (And I guess the pose, though it does make me look super derpy, lol) worth the $8 IMHO


The event was good for me, I caught a shiny Aron, also finally caught an Aerodactyl from research which finished off my special research :boom:

As others have said, it was great to get out and meet other local players. Every raid had at least two groups playing which is rare here.


Summary: 15 regis raided, Ice and Rock shiny.
Cant really complain about those odds. Ill just trade steel, or wait for a re-re-release. Or maybe research breaktrough.


Januari or March it will be I think.(just a wild guess)


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