2019 Community Day speculation



Jan: Totodile
Feb: Swinub
Mar: Treecko
Apr: Bagon
May: Torchic
Jun: Machop
Jul: Mudkip
Aug: Rhyhorn
Sep: Turtwig
Oct: Trapinch
Nov: Chimchar
December: Totodile, Swinub, Treecko, Bagon, Torchic, Machop, Rhyhorn, Turtwig, Trapinch, Chimchar(, Pikachu, Dratini, Bulbasaur, Mareep, Charmander, Larvitar, Squirtle, Eevee, Chikorita, Beldum, Cyndaquil)


Mar: Treecko
Apr: Bagon
May: Torchic
Jun: Ralts
Jul: Mudkip
Aug: Rhyhorn
Sep: Turtwig
Oct: Trapinch
Nov: Chimchar
Dec: all CD mon recap week

Has anyone else realized that we are gonna eventually run out of starters like mid 2020? We are having starter CDs faster than we are getting new starters lol.

Assuming that we get gen 5 in late ‘19, we would have Oshawatt CD in July, 2020 and then there would be like a 5-7 month lapse before we get new starters


Yeah guess the starter pattern could be broken. Maybe niantic can do a community day of all the starters that have been a community day pokemon the first time the pattern is broken because of a lack of starter pokemon


Yes. I think that, once the Water-type from Gen V has had its Community Day, we won’t see a starter CD for a long time.


Maybe we could start getting them every 3/4 months, but then we could face the problem of running out of usable Mons


Maybe this is why they insisted on this limited research day… They are now trying to establish this as a monthly event, and maybe when running low on Pokémon with CD potential (3 evolution stages and shiny not yet out) they start to alternate between research and community days. So one month it’s a community day, next month it’s research again…To slow this all down a bit


Doubt Research Days will stay, look at Raid days


There are a lot of Pokémon available, I count nearly 40 families of Pokémon that are currently releases that could be candidates for a research or community day. Even at two a month it would still take early two full years (two more generations of Pokémon available) to do cover all the potential confidantes.

I see the research days being an ongoing thing a way to add shiny variants of Pokémon that aren’t necessarily meta relevant.


Only couning at least half-interesting three-stagers that dont have their shiny out yet?


Eevee day shower us community day can be two staged evolutions.

Also to date the research days are two stage evolutions to date so the interested two stage evolutions are counted in that number as well.


Eevee is essentially a secondary mascot


Fair enough but that still leaves at least 20 three stage evolutions whose shiny variants have not been released. That will carry community Days well beyond the Gen 5 release. It also leaves over a dozen of interesting 2 stage evolutions open for research.


each starter CD month is an odd number (1,3,5,7,9,11)
Jan is 1 (Totodile
Feb is 2
Mar is 3 (Treecko)
Apr is 4
May is 5 (Mudkip)
June is 6
July is 7 (Turtwig)
Aug is 8
Sept is 9 (Chimchar)
Oct is 10
Nov is 11 (Piplup)
Dec is 12 (all cd pokemon featured)


Please add Torchic, I want to evolve my Hundo Fire Chicken during its CD. :grin:


May will be Fire Chicken, bumping all the others to the next odd Month.
It’s been going Grass, Fire, Water.