2019 Community Day speculation



Or like feebas, which requires to walk a certain distance


You were wrong…mammoswine


I’m not infallible :man_shrugging:t2:


That was kind of rude, man. No one’s perfect, and there was no precedent for requiring items for Community Day Pokemon.

It’s a fair bet that Treecko is next, although what’s after that is anybody’s guess. Personally, I’m hoping for Bagon and that the move it will learn upon evolving to Salamence is Outrage. Torchic is likely to be May’s featured Pokemon, and I’m really wondering how that will be handled: Blast Burn, or will be get Blaze Kick?


Not trying to be rude…kind of thought it was ironic that he said it would be unlikely, and then a few months later it happened…although they gave out 10 free evo items so it wasnt as hard as if it were scyther and you had to stock metal coats or something


So everyone’s guess was wrong for february. March will most likely have treecko, and the starter pattern has not been broken yet


Well, in anyone’s defense, I wouldn’t have predicted Swinub, and I’m sure it would have flopped hard if it wasn’t for the extra incentives like 3x Catch Stardust and 10 Sinnoh Stones guaranteed.


Treecko, I’ll be fine just catching at work.


You can bet there will only be five SS in the next ones


Actually, I bet that there won’t be any more Sinnoh Stone bonuses like that.


Unless we get Rhyhorn for April, I doubt that as well
Probably going to continue with Ralts, then Bagon, then maybe go with Trapinch with a great bonus to give me a reason to play it
And then Dragon Rush Garchomp


Now, a Ralts Community Day would definitely invite a Sinnoh Stone promo, but I’m more betting that it will be Bagon instead for April. Salamence with Outrage? Sure thing! Although I doubt I’ll get another hundo to replace my current Draco Meteor hundo.


We are getting Chomp and Haxorus anyways, not that hyped about another green dragon tbh


I still don’t have a great IV Salamance despite catching and hatching more than my fair share of Bagon.
All the Family member accounts have hatched 96% or 100% and best I’ve been able to manage is a 91% and a bucket load of 80’s. My hatched Bagon number is over double any of the others.


Bagon, Machop, Ralts, & Slakoth are what I’m most looking forward to. Sooner the better for Bagon & Slakoth as I still need to evolve my first slaking & salamance! Community Days are awesome:)


I only got mine because of the boosted odds of hatching Bagon thanks to the Weather Trio event last winter. Since 52% of the completed raids back then were of Rayquaza, that allowed me to target 10 km eggs as hatches for both Beldum and Bagon. I scored on both.


Oh god I hope we arent getting Slakoth


Treecko is confirmed for March 23rd with three hour Lures & 1/4 Egg distance.


It’s Saturday, so I’ll be off.


March: Treecko
April: Machop
May: Torchic
June: Porygon
July: Mudkip
August: Ralts
September: Turtwig
October: Gastly
November: Chimchar
December: all previous cd pokemon
January 2020: Piplup
February 2020: Roggenrola
March 2020: Snivy