2019 Community Day speculation



What Pokemon do you will be featured in Community Day next year?
Share your ideas!


Jan: Totodile
Feb: Swinub
Mar: Treecko
Apr: Bagon
May: Torchic
Jun: Gible
Jul: Mudkip
Aug: Slakoth
Sep: Turtwig
Oct: Machop
Nov: Chimchar
Dec: All of them


I agree with you but I don’t think they would do Swinub so soon after the winter event.


And I think April and October need a switcheroo. Superpower was just updated! :clap:t3::heart_eyes_cat:


Jan: totodile
Feb: bagon
March: Treecko
April: gible
May: Torchic
June: “rare” gen 4 mon
July: mudkip
Aug: gen 1 mon like Machop
Sept: turtwig
Oct: gen 2 or 3 mon
Nov: chimchar
Dec: all 2019 CD mons


Gible in April? It’s not even released yet. I don’t think/hope that.


Gible will probably be released by then


Jan: Totodile
Feb: Machop
Mar: Treecko
Apr: Trapinch
May: Torchic
Jun: Bagon
Jul: Mudkip
Aug: Slakoth
Sep: Turtwig
Oct: Gible
Nov: Chimchar
Dec: All Community Day Pokémon from 2018 + 2019


I mean I was just trying to fit the pattern, it may or may not be out, after all it’s what do you think list nothing has to be accurate


I like this idea

    • Ralts
    • Bagon
    • Trapinch (?)
    • Abra (?)
    • Gible

  1. Totodile
  2. Torchic
  3. Porygon
  4. Chimchar
  5. Ralts
  6. Gible
  7. Trapinch
  8. Chimchar
  9. Bagon
  10. Machop
  11. Lotad
  12. All 2018+2019 CD Pokémon


I’d place your list above most others. I think Ralts is going to fall into the community day rotation somewhere, but I’m not sure what it replaces, my guess is this:

Jan: Totodile
Feb: Machop
Mar: Treecko
Apr: Ralts
May: Torchic
Jun: Trapinch
Jul: Mudkip
Aug: Slakoth
Sep: Turtwig
Oct: Bagon
Nov: Chimchar
Dec: All Community Day Pokémon from 2018 + 2019


Jan: Ralts
Feb: Totodile
Mar: Bagon
Apr: Treecko
May: Machop
June: Torchic
July: Slakoth
Aug: Mudkip
Sep: Trapinch
Oct: Turtwig
Nov: Lotad??? Feebas???
Dec: only 2019 CD mons

I oersonally think we will only see one or 2 gen 4 CD’s, as in 2018, they only had one gen three pseudo. Personally, I have no idea what november might be. I feel that if they do a pokemon who really isnt meta-relevant but has a cool shiny, or a hard to get evolution, then that is definately possible


January: totodile
February: ralts
March: treecko
April: slakoth
May: torchic
June: trapinch
July: mudkip
August: bagon
September: turtwig
October: bidoof (I’m actually not sure so I put bidoof randomly)
November: chimchar
December: all 2018/2019 CD Pokémon


Jan: Totodile
Feb: Ralts (for Valentine’s Day, and Ralts is part Fairy)
Mar: Treecko
Apr: Machop
May: Torchic
June: Bagon
July: Mudkip
Aug: Bellsprout/Oddish (Oddish would be having to give players a guaranteed Sun Stone the first three Pokestop they spin, and the Vileplume Special move should be Energy Ball and Bellosom should be Solar Beam)
Sept: Turtwig
Oct: Gastly
Nov: Chimchar
Dec: All 2019 plus Pikachu and Eevee.
Jan 2020: Porygon (same situation with Oddish, but worse, maybe 3 or 4 UpGrades and 3 or 4 Sinnoh Stones first few stops players spin, and special move should be Confusion or Meteor Mash)


Porygon would disrupt the starter line
Also, Oddish?


K, Porygon Feb 2020, and Oddish has a VERY high cp, and I think Vileplume is a pretty darn good mon too, Bellosom is kinda a DeX Filler, but Solar Beam would make it somewhat dangerous


Oddish does but Vileplume and Bellossom are quite lackluster
They arent strong, nor rare, I personally doubt that
But it is a possibility I guess


Highly improbably they have a community day for anything requiring an evolution item.

There are many other choices that would be better.