Your Rarest Pokemon?

Ive been reading and apparently my JiglyPuff and Rhyhorn are rare

Somewhat rare,but common in their weather (Ive got two just on my way to school)

For some people
Like im SPAMMED with jigglypuff, but for me a Magnemite is super rare

And I have catched 5 Magnemite today … the things are soo different depending on where you live

Do you have to visit new places to get new pokemon ?

No. You can find anything anywhere (except regionals)!
But it’s better to do. You have a better chance to chatch some other mons then.

Cp 1492 Lapras, I named him “Chris”

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I see lots of Aron’s, machop, and some geodudes

MEW is the rarest of all, since everyone only gets one!

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It depends on your level too.
I’m 35, and Lapras and Snorlax are pretty damn impossible here in Sao Paulo. Been playing 2 years now, and I have only seen 1 of each.
I recommend Silph Road Global Nest Atlas so you can find pokemon nests around your city easily

But not that hard to get.

It is best to get out & about to find different mons as they appear in different “biomes”. Google “Silph Road Nest atlas” - a user driven resource that can show you what type of Pokémon spawn in your area (globally actually as it shows you the world map) & can be used to find “nests” (spots where multiple Pokémon of the same type spawn frequently) near you.

You don’t have to go outside but your best bets are to head out to local parks you know of that have lots of pokéstops or points of interest & a lot of cellular activity / people (as Niantic try to encourage trainers to get out & discover their surroundings).
Screen shots of the Nest atlas above showing different nests in the CBD near me then one of the reported nests (Staryu).

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Considering how rare Lapras is for most people, I think my 6 Laprases are the rarest collection of single 'mon that I have.

I would say Mewtwo is harder to get. Eventually you’re going to get Mew, but you’re not guaranteed an EX raid pass, or to even catch the Mewtwo if you do.

The Pokémons you encounter depend mostly on two things: the weather (not much you can do about that, just take it as it is, but braving rain or snow can yield some interesting finds) and the type of area (or “biome”) you’re in.

For areas, some variations are:
-Water (beaches, rivers, ponds, lakes)
-Grass (grasslands, agricultural areas)
-Stone (urban areas, but also mountains)

That’s just the four most basic ones, and many blends between these exist that can give slightly different results in what Pokémons you find. Most Pokémons will still be found in areas with several roads, ideally with several pokestops as well, which are usually urban areas. But, when visiting town other than where you usually play, it’s often beneficial to just start the game and see what’s there.

Tourist traps in or near forests or mountains generally make great hunting grounds for new Pokémon. They’re generally well mapped by Ingress players, resulting in a high density of pokestops as well. Good reason to have a decent datalimit (or no limit at all!) during your holidays.

For me Magnemite is rarer then Lapras
I saw 2 lapras and 1 Magnemite

I haven’t got any that are rare but my girlfriend has a Bagon And Shelgon.

I caught a shiney makuhita today. That felt pretty rare.

Took me ages to get ekans, back in the day. Where I live it’s strictly pidgies and ratatatatatatas


Wow! I got my Magneton before gen 2 was released!
But still only 1/2 Lapras.

Apparently it’s hard for some people to find ralts/Slakoth so i would say my Gardevoir/Slaking/Shiny Lugia