You become HEAD Developer (in charge of all updates) of Niantic

What changes?
(please nothing vague like get rid of spoofers or no more lag)

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Lucky Pokémon in the wild.


Fantastic, YOUR CEO now. Right now.


DEFINETLY Lucky Pokémon in wild @Jormdeworm

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Lucky pokemon No stardust needed like it was suppose to be.


Pokestops in rural areas named Pokecentres: Drop items and balls more than regular area.

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If there is anything i would want to change it would be that hardcore players should be rewarded more for their time (and money) spend.

my biggest frustration over the last months is that casual players often get more shinies and more powerfull pokemon (IV wise) then me (and many other hardcore players).
Example: i’ve done 14 mewtwo raids. My best is a 91% 15 att i caught just last week. My GF’s mother, level 29 casual player caught a 100% 6 months ago…
Another example: zapdos day: i did 31 raids. 1 shiny. Me happy. Some casual got 3 out of 6 shiny. Why? How?
Last example: This happened twice: newer / casual players getting a pokedex entry on a shiny legendary (Seen it with Ho-Oh and Kyogre) where i have to do 30 raids to just get one. They never saw or caught that legendary, and immediatly got a shiny.
Okay, just 1 more: my last and only 100% IV legendary: december 2nd 2017. My GF, more casual player then me: 4 100% legendary in 4 months, 3 of them caught. I’ve not even séén one on my own account for 8 months!
I have countless more experiences like this.

If anything, i would change something about thát. Something like a ‘every [insert pokemon name here] you’ve seen/caught increases your chance to get higher IV/lucky by 1%’ bonus.


I doubt John Hanke even knows that quests are in the game yet. It’s the lower people that think of everything and he gets the fame and fortune.

Does this title please you. :man_facepalming:t4:

Lol, I’m just saying in real life. No, everyone should be able to use the friends feature, and Trading should be international.

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An idea that could actually work could be that for every one the chance of it not being high iv/lucky decreases by 1%

I would want that… luck seems to reward the casulas…:joy:

Maybe IVs could go up by 1 per level, so for normal pokemkon, level 40s trainers are guarenteed 40 IV or better. For legendaries, it could be .5 percent better per level, so you are guarenteed 80% after raids.

For starters working on a way to balance rural gameplay by adding rarer spawns the further out you go, more accurate and fairer Pokestop placement, etc:
Next is to rework the gym systems so that it’s closer to the original. The current tap and swipe isn’t much fun. Adding status effects and turn based combat would make gyms more interesting.
An AR feature that allows you to take pictures of a Pokemon you’ve already caught and have in your bag (an AR playground). Sometimes you find the perfect place to take a photo of that one pokemon but you can’t catch one there and then, well this should solve that.
Trading. The current trading system is oftentimes quite stale and useless because of all the restrictions placed on it but this could be solved in a few ways:
Allowing Ultra/Best friends to trade further than 100m from each other
During events allow more than one special trade a day
A wonder trade system!

Well, there are my ideas, all i can think of right now


Bring back training so I can get the ace trainer badge!


Let TMs work during legendary days! And maybe CDs, but nothing would be worse than a 100IV Mewtwo getting “worse” because a 10/10/10 Mewtwo with Psystrike beats it

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Adding POI submission NOW
I want to stop farming ingress


?? You have Ingress?


And you are good enough to request and add stops?