Lack of pokestop solution

in areas of less Poke stops there should be poke centres. The lack of stops is due to no parks or any historical monuments. With Poke centres you can get Balls/Berries/

They can be positioned in areas where there is no Pokestop for 3-5Km and will just have the PC emblem on them looking exctly like a pokestop just instead of the image of a place its just a Pokemon centre

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living in a rural area i love the idea, but our problem would be only wifi no cel service.

Use data.

A nice idea :slight_smile:

I believe you know that pokemon go isn’t supposed to be played with wifi only?

yeah what im saying is there is no cell service in my hometown, and several neighboring towns with spotty coverage have stops set up at libraries that only have wifi there. no cell service near them but are still stops.

Ok. I gotta say you have pretty bad luck then…

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you get used to it. but the town where my wife works has three gyms, and seven stops. our local store has a wifi booster and spawns some pokemon everyday so it could be worse.

Call your cell phone provider and let them know your service is lacking the sufficient amount of cell phone towers. Do this complaint everyday till you got 5G.


If you can, try to travel into large cities or popular areas. Collect as much items as possible with the amount of bag space you have. Hopefully it helps!
Good Luck

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5GodLink: as for cell phone provider, i use tracfone because it seems to work on any tower unless im traveling south, our town has a private phone company (one of the few left in the country i think) and from what ive heard they made a deal when they moved there office here they made an agreement to not allow other phone companies into the area, it has some how affected cell towers being placed.

TheFazbearGamer1: Thats what I do my wife and myself share one car so I take her to work alot with my phone and my daughters, she works in a bigger town nearby with 6 stops and 3 gyms. plus starting today i started bringing my tablet. i started a second account that i want to do only with wifi someone said it cant be done so why not. thanks for the advice, it worked great going into saturday, i had 50 ultra balls and a ton of pinaps.

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I made it to level 33 before I finally got data, however I had the advantage of playing on a college campus with WiFi in a number of buildings with plenty of gyms and stops.