Who is Fsuatl

I was just told about this dude who is it or who was he I was told he was a greatest Pokemon player of all time I don’t know who this is help please and liftingandzombies

Both are spoofers fsuatl quit


Oh okay I was just wondering a truck driver was telling me about them said they were the greatest players of all time some of the greatest players

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FsuAtl was not only a spoofer, but had a bad habit of starting [redacted] with legitimate players out of spite. He’s a scumbag, and I’m honestly glad he’s gone.


I don’t care about none of that I just want to know if he was any good or not and what about the other person the zombie dude

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I don’t think he was particularly special at anything in the game, at least not above any of the other YouTuber players I’ve seen.

Define “being the greatest?”


I don’t know they said he was better than Brandon tan like I said I was just told about these people from a driver I have no idea who they are trying to get some info I could care less if they were spoofers or not it don’t bother me

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But that’s just it. How can you really be the greatest at a game that’s literally ball-throwing/raid-battling each and every day you play? How do you measure being the greatest in a game like that?

Do you measure it by how much XP you have? Doesn’t mean much beyond level 40.
Do you measure it by how much Shiny or Perfect-IV Pokemon you have? Luck-based, no greatness to that.
Do you measure it by the respect you have in the community? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean much ingame.

I play the game a lot, and I like to think I’m pretty good at it, but honestly? I’m just a lucky and persistent player, because that’s how the game plays. No one truly is the greatest in this game. We’re all players with time enough on our hands to catch virtual monsters. That’s it.


I am considering level IVs and how long it took to hit level 40

In my personal opinion Brandon is the best of all time and reversal is second

Fsuatl had one of his accounts terminated for spoofing to go fest 2018, he deserved that



So he was that good he had to be king of the spoofers then kind of envy him

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FsuAtl is a legend to the spoofer community. Point blank he was would rag on Niantic for their servers and be everywhere in the world at every event getting everything that everyone wants.

Want a rare pokemon? he got 50+
want an account? he has many
he is banned? he gonna get another, in minutes

he is no longer youtubing.

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So he was a YouTuber to he must be Ballin

he told the world about all the events that they were missing. he would get QR codes to access events.

he had everything. Xp means nothing when you can do what he has done.

The most popular spoofer. 2nd to no one.

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That is crazy when you hear it like that it kind of makes wonder why doesn’t everyone spoof

I’m not trying to start nothing I genuinely want to know who these people are knowledge is power

I still have not been able to find nothing about the zombie dude either

Fsuatl replacement.

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