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Who is Fsuatl

Okay so he’s a new king of games

Ask yourself: Why don’t you spoof? But I think it is already clear why (by far) not everyone spoofs. Some people like this game and do not want to get banned. They want to play this game fairly. They do not want to ‘go to any location you want’. They want to go out, and hunt on their own. Not with a joy stick that takes you to anywhere. And I personally don’t see anything fun in just teleporting to anywhere, honestly.



I know dude I’m just saying

I would never want to get banned dump too much money into this game


I don’t understand your fascination and envy of these filthy GPS?

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Like I said this is all new to me I was just curious a surprise that people could be that big even though there spoofing makes no sense

And I don’t envy no one I’m just saying it’s kind of interesting the length some of these guys go to and the fact that they can find success is interesting