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Who is actually going to use the pokestop reviewing thing? (Wayfarer) AND MORE

Got some more noms accepted recently.
One that was rejected for nonsense reasons was re-nominated exactly the same in al aspects as a test to see what would happen and was accepted in 5 days this time as voting was obviously done correctly. I did 4 more noms at the same place 2 weeks later and 2 of those were accepted within 5 days also.
I used the dispute function on a rejected nom 3 weeks ago and that still showing disputed in my Wayfarer atm. I wanted try that function to see what would happen as the reception is hit miss where the nom is. I returned to the location Easter weekend to do some other noms and had nothing but problems with reception dropping in and out so the upload of the noms was timing out. I noticed there was a upload later notification on the game screen so used that when returning to higher ground. It indicated it worked but the nom has not appeared in my Wayfarer. It gone onto a black hole so I’ll need to return and re-do hoping for a decent ph reception day (clear sky not cloudy)

My Wayfinder rating is great again!

Does anyone know what objections do? I complained about two stops now (I still love and hate how sulky those reasons are at the same time) but it doesn’t really seem to do anything.

Can’t help with that sorry. My disputed one status has not changed in 3 months.

It feels good to have nominations being accepted again. It’s been nearly a year since the last one got accepted. I’ve nominated like 10 of these pedestrian bridges last Monday and I still have a whole bunch to go. This was the first one that got accepted and I might even be able to spin it at home, although I guess it’s just out of range but that is okay. I hope the others will get accepted too, I already had one rejected with the reason “inaccessible for pedestrians” :man_facepalming: I literally stated it was a pedestrian bridge but whatever :rofl:

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If it wouldn’t be so bad, it sounds like a joke: rejecting a pedestrian bridge, because pedestrians can’t reach it… :joy: :joy: :joy:


I just had a location edit being rejected of a fountain that showed up on a road in the game so I edited its location to the lake. I was quite really wondering why THAT was rejected and I was starting to wonder if these Wayspots actually get reviewed by humans because there’s simply no way that road would be a better location than the lake it is in. To my surprise, though, I just opened the game and found it actually did get moved? Interesting. But glad it did, because it resulted in a new Pokestop, which was the main reason I edited the location of the fountain. Maybe it did get moved but not to the exact spot I put it in?

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Just had a permanent fixed sign at a public entry gate for a 5* nomination rejected for temporary or seasonal display ffs. Some people should not be allowed to do reviews.

I’ll just re-nominate rather than use the dispute function as the last time I disputed one was in March and that has still not been updated.

That’s nothing. I have a mural of a bee rejected for being an alive animal and a pedestrian bridge being rejected for being inaccessible for pedestrians. Niantic Wayfarer should use Captcha some time. There’s no way this rejections are actually done by humans.

Sadly I think you’ll find it’s humans doing this not bots. Some are just goofing while some it’s a deliberate act with no real purpose but to just watch things burn.