Who is actually going to use the pokestop reviewing thing? (Wayfarer) AND MORE

So I have a couple questions…

  1. Can you now submit pokestops from anywhere in the world (request them).
  2. Are you going to use the Wayfarer reviewing tool? ( wayfarer.nianticlabs.com )
  • Yes, I will use Niantic wayfarer to help others and get upgrades
  • No, I will not (You are level 40 in both responses)

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Yes, I definitely will, but I want to prepare myself for the Wayfarer test first.


I think it has to be in the area you are in and I will be, a bunch of players in my area already have started to submit new stops

You clearly want people to answer #1 by the way you worded the choices. I answered #2 as a way to rebel against such manipulative practices. (Plus the time required to gain status to use the wayfarer sounds like time I’d rather spend playing Pokémon Go, instead.)


I can’t use wayfarer for I use PTC

I have to wait to get to lvl 40, but when I am…

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I answered #2 as well. Got no reason to submit stuff here because my local Ingress players have already submitted everything that is cool.

I’ve reviewed like 80 wayspots so far…I’m still waiting for mine to be added in-game, how long does it take? weeks? months?

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Just link your facebook account and login.

Around 3 weeks, unless you upgraded it

I got to review a nomination which is a student dorm. I couldn’t find anywhere if it’s eligible, but it seems that everything connected with schools is rejected. How would you rate this nomination?

Ive had anything between 2 days and over a year.
Typically though now its arround 7 days here. Might be a bit longer with all those PoGO players submitting all at the same time right now.

only primary schools + middle schools are rejected, I don’t know

If you really want it to be a Pokestop, you could try it out, if you also have other places in mind that could become Pokestops, try those instead. That’s my advice.

I think it is an ineligible location, though. At the other hand, in my city, there are Pokestops I am not allowed to go to, too.

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The Wayfarer system isn’t so perfect afterall, sometimes it gives me suggestions from Ukraine, and I don’t speak russian so I can’t even read the title/description of these wayspots, lol.

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If it’s a university it should be fine. I believe that only Elementary and Middle+High School (primary and secondary schools) are educational locations that make it ineligible

Wayfarer stopped working for me today, i keep trying to reload the site but nothing happens. Does anyone else having issues?

I just don’t have time to do it atm.
I’m farming the hell out of some nests atm. Ad on the clean up and Trades and I’ve go no more time for anything.

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I’ve reviewed more than 170 Wayspots. And all my nominations got accepted!


I still have not done the test for reviewing Wayspots, but I’m actively submitting Wayspots here.