Who Creates Raid Battles?

Im new to pokemon go and i just received a notification about a raid battle down the road from me, will there be other people there also ? and who creates the raid battle, users ? Or are they randomly created by the APP ?

What colour was the egg

Raid battles spawn randomly, like Pokemon

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Niantic creates raids at some of the gym locations. They spawn with a timer and will give you access to a raid battle. With the raid pass you can battle in the raid to attain a Pokemon, Stardust and Xp. Also if you catch the pokemon you can get bonuse items like pokeballs, rare candy, or even tms and more.


I clicked on the Raid and this dude came up, does this mean he/she is at the spot of the raid waiting ?

It doesn’t, it means they are in the gym.

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Thanks, forgive my lack of knowledge but to go to the gym you have to walk to it in real life right ?


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Hah do you want to stay there 5 hours and 56 minutesūüėÜ

That’s the time he’s defending the Gym.

@simmy So the raid battles pop up at random gyms, and they have super powerful Pokemon bosses that if you defeat you get all kinds of rewards, including an encounter with a scaled-down Pokemon of the species you just beat. Also, anyone can come to a gym and put a Pokemon in there. It’s very likely that they’re not actually standing there after it’s in the gym. For reference, what trainer level are you?

Level 7. I have only been playing two days

Ok. So unless there are other people there( you can organize through Discord, Whatsapp,) it’s probably better to not take on raid battles except for tier one, CP 1100-4000

Try to get evolutions as fast as possible. Attacking works a lot better then!

Ok i just did my first raid and it was an epic fail.
I used my strongest pokemon " Rhyhorn " and all it did was shoot mud out of its mouth to the huge flying pokemon i was fighting, within 30 seconds it says " All your pokemon have fainted "

You can still join in the raid.

I would wait until you have a couple of Pokemon of 1000 cp or higher before attempting Level 1 raid.

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Look for pink eggs. If you do beat it, you will probably have a new best Pokemon.

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Do you do this by clicking " Power Up " ?

By power up, the Pokémon get more CP. Mostly around 30-40 CP extra.

I suggest ‚ÄėEvolve‚Äô. It needs more candy, but you get a stronger and better Pok√©mon then. Really worth it! :upside_down_face: