Which you tubers do people watch

Which you tubers do people use


Hey! There we go

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  • Mystic 7
  • Reversal
  • Trainer tips
  • Pordgies nation
  • FusAtl spoofer
  • Pro planty
  • Ali a
  • Jtlily
  • Jonno players spoofer
  • Jpreezy spoofer
  • Lifting and zombies spoofer
  • Other
  • Dark matter wolf

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Other please specify in comments as I’m wondering who to watch I do follow spoofers it’s funny

Jackfrags mainly, he puts out great vids of games i like.
Battle(non)sense for some great network analyses.
Node for lan-party games and stuff.

A few other channels aswell, but sadly some have retired like FrankieOnPC, SalyPhish and SovietWomble.

I tend to watch more for the personality. If someone is a good person, and i find entertaining then i’ll watch. That’s why i don’t watch Alia and Mystic, for me their content is a bit stale.

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Yes I just find it fun watching pro plant egg hatches are quality ali a thinks he is fun not offence to him.

I only watch Mystic7 on a regular basis but it’s mainly because I enjoy watching travel videos, I’ll also watch Trainertips whenever he’s abroad because I just enjoy seeing people playing all over the world.

I like trainer tips and mystic7 because they travel and their video editing is much better than the others. I like prodigies for tips and info…I think he’s the best player of the youtubers.

Johno and fsuatl are boring as hell and reversal is redundant information of the others I watch. I don’t like the ones that just sit at a desk or play in their car all the time


I don’t go on YouTube…

This right here is 100% accurate. Especially about prodigies. He really is the best player of them all when it comes down to numbers and info.

In addition to Mystic7 (only subscribed some weeks ago) and Reversal (he was one of the first Youtubers I subscribed, so I stick with him, no matter what), I also watch Spieletrend from Vienna, Austria (German language, great for infos!) and ZoeTwoDots from Australia.

I used to watch PkmnMasterHolly, too, but she does so many live streams (why should I watch a stream while I should be out grinding, for example when an event starts?!) and too much “anything hype” in those streams. I’m sure she has her audience and many people just like it this way, but it’s not for me any more.

And for some reason - I just can’t name it - I don’t like watching Trainer Tips. Sorry.

None, mainly because I’d rather be playing than watching someone else. So many talk garbage or just swear all the time. Pointless

I like watching trainer tips, especially his recent vids

I dont watch PoGo youtubers
If I want to watch Pokemon youtubers, I usually go for Chuggaa

I’ve been watching Trainer Tips since maybe August 2016. I love his travel vids, especially his recent Japan episodes. I haven’t missed an episode of his. I’ve been watching Mystic7 for maybe six months since he does a lot of travel vids as well. But if he’s just playing in Santa Monica, I might skip the episode.

I don’t watch any of them because most of them spoof and I have no time to waste on spoofers.


The most popular YouTubers definitely do not spoof. The top three, Mystic7, TrainerTips, and Reversal are all very much against spoofing

Reversal a bit too much, he often seems like a huge pr*ck when dealing with them
And what i hate about FsuAlt is not that he spoofs, its how ridiculous the clickbait is and how his videos lack in any content


None, they’re all attention seeking tools.