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What Pokémon you still need?

i woke up at 4 AM when gen 2 released to be able to walk around for 3-4 hours before work. i walked towards the park about 10 min away from my house and a totodile appeared on the radar. i started running and … whut …??? another totodile? there was a HUGE totodile nest in that park.

i got my feraligatr that morning XD

Regionals, Girafarig, and Unknown. I also don’t have any Legendaries either.

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Completed Gen 1 (except Tauros and Kangaskhan and lengenderies) on 2016-12-09 when I finally caught a Porygon at home (strange enough)

Completed Gen 2 (except Heracross and Legenderies) on 2017-10-01 when I caught Unown after seeing a huge crowd gathering outside the local tram terminus.

I had all I could possible catch without traveling, sharing account or doing the despicable months ago.
Only Legendary that have been released I don’t have are Mew2 (No Ex Raid invite) and Entie (next/last rotation).
Looking forward to being able to chase the new Gen3 during Halloween.

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All regional except the useless corsola and farfetch’d
Blissey because I only have a bad chancy
The t-tar family
Molterss and Lugia because I seldom go out at summer holiday
Mareep family except mareep because my only mareep gets 55cp

I am missing:
All regionals except Tauros
All legendaries except Raikou
225 & 235


I’ve now got Kingdra, Farfetch’d, Jumpluff, Suicune, Omastar, Slowking, Charmilion, Sandslash, Poliwrath, and Victreebell

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Mewtwo is the only released Pokémon I havé yet to get

Me as well, I have 5 of the unown captured thus far and only have a couple regionals but I have everything else.

@Chanderule are you doing raids at the parks and sponsored locations now since they updated that?


This 30 character limit can get so annoying

The only regionals I still need are Kangaskhan and Mr. Mime. The only Gen 2 Pokemon I still need are Girafig and Unknown. I have yet to catch any Legendaries. Can’t get a big enough group to raid with because I don’t use Facebook.

The problem i am finding is working our what gyms count as parks. My country (UK) has no sponsors

Mewtwo ?
(And Corsela, Tauros, Heracross)
But since its IMPOSSIBLE to get Mewtwo, EVER Since The EX-Raid system is broken and only 1% of the player base gets passes and our town gets no love and get skipped, Over and over again, and even when our group raids in other towns, we still dont receive passes, The game is just plain broken.

I need Heracross, Corsola, Mr. Mime, and Mewtwo

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  • Tauros
  • Heracross
  • Corsola

Unown, Snorlax and Ampharos of the ordinaries.

There are 4 I’m currently lacking, from generation 1.

  1. Alakazam
  2. Omastar
  3. Machamp
  4. Primeape

Alakazam, Omastar and Primeape will be my new years resolution to get my hands on during 2018. Machamp would be nice too, but I think it will be more difficult with that one than the other. Although not impossible, but I’ll leave it resting for now.

What level are you currently at?
Don’t you get many Abra, Omnyte, Machop and Mankey where you are?

Currently I’m on level 31.

Abra is not too common but not the rarest either. You can find it, and I’m currently very close of getting enough candy for an Alakazam. Maybe I get there before 2018.

Omanyte is pretty easy to come across if you know where to look. The truth is, I’m not sure why I never managed to get Omastar yet. It’s not that hard but still I’m behind.

Mankey, is pretty difficult and rarely spawn. The easiest way is to find a nest… somewhere.

Machop is a pain. Very rarely spawn so to get a Machamp, you pretty much have to be lucky to get a Machop in an egg, and then walk with it to gain candy that way.

I’m waiting for a Snorlax… no chance to get him from an egg. The other two, Bellosom and Togetic, I’m working on as Buddies, so it’s in my hand to get them. The other is just luck.