What Pokémon you still need?

Besides the regional and legendary Pokémon, what Pokémon you still need?

Or since when you got them all?

When I hatched my first Snorlax, on the18th of april, I got the first generation complete.

For the 2nd generation I am still looking for:

  • Croconaw/Feraligatr (got 55/125 candies)
  • Unown (all)
  • Houndoom (25/50)

Edit: Got my first Croconaw from raiding today so only 3 more to go.
Edit2: And I got my first Houndoom so just Feraligatr and Unown left!
Edit3: Thanks to raiding I got my Feraligatr. Only Unown left.

I have two accounts.
For the first, I still need a sandslash, Far-fetched and a venusaur
On the second, my dex is at 33 overall, so I need a lot.

I have sufficient candies but haven’t involved for some of these: blissey, tyranitar, ampharos, steelix, sunfloral & kingdra. Still waiting for gym updates and maybe better IV onix & sunken.
I still need:
Unknown (all)
Piloswine (13/50 candies).
It’s the piloswine that I’m worry about cuz my area is tropical. But there will be nest for it at some point.

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I was too impatient at the beginning and didn’t know anything about IV’s and BMS so I evolved whenever I could.

Now I know better and save up my candies as well until I got a good one.

And then fingers crossed!


Completed 1st generation with Aerodactil, hatched during Eggstravaganza!
Now I only miss Tyranitar, Ampharos, and obviously Unown

All the unowns
Porygon-2(43/50 candies)

Magby, that’s uncommon.

And one more Porygon catch (with a pinap berry) and you are there!

Maybe we should leave out the Unowns in the list. I think no one has any.

I have an unown-q. It takes hours to track a single one down.

I have seen an Unown in a gym.At least I have the shadow in the Pokedex :frowning:

Farfetch’d (regional)
Muk (I have enough candies for one)
Hitmonlee (I’m at 17 candies I think)
Kangaskhan (regional)
Tauros (regional)
Bayleef, Meganium (I’m at 113 candies)
Typhlosion (I have enough candies for one)
Croconaw, Feraligatr (I’m at 13 candies)
Flaaffy, Ampharos (I’m walking a Mareep at 15 candies I think)
Steelix (I have enough candies for more than one)
Scizor (I’m at 9 candies)
Heracross (regional)
Corsola (regional)
Houndoom (I have enough candies for more than one)
Porygon 2 (I’m at 41 candies)
Blissey (I’m at 13 candies)

My most recent dex entry is Tyranitar.

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Just Ampharos, and regionals.
Just need 9 mareep candies to complete my dex (less regionals), but I’m not walking it at all (could be completed in less than a week). Instead, I’ve been biking/walking chansey, 877km so far.

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Don’t have any regionals other than Tauros. Still needing:
Steelix/Scizor (Have enough candies, just have one metal coat so far)
Porygon 2 (have Upgrades, just not candy)
Donphan (have enough candies)

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I just need the unknown and the few Reginals I can’t travel and get but I have 16 nice tauros to trade later I only kept good ones with like 1300/2000 cp

i only need the regionals but will be getting heracross, corsola, and mr mime this summer

Mr Mime

Besides the Legendarys and the regionals, I still need Unknown, the last two Cyndiquil evolutions and the last two Mareep evolutions. I have enough candy to get the middle evolutions of the latter two, but I’m waiting to hit 124 before doing so in case I get a better one evolve before then. I have Mareep as my buddy right now and when I finish with him, I’ll move on to Cyndiquil.

To my surprise, I only need Mareep’s two evolutions and Unknown.

I need unknown (all) and tyranitar (90 candies left)

Luck would have it that I hatched 2 mareep eggs last week. So, my G1+G2 dex is now complete, including 1 lucky Unown wild encounter, not counting regionals. :smile:

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I only need…
-the mareep family