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What Pokémon you still need?

So you are really looking forward to the Fire & Ice event I guess!

20 candy left on Mareep & need Unknown to finish my gen 2
For gen 1 I had stopped playing for a month or so during the Valentine’s Day event so still need to hatch a Lickitung :frowning:

Yeah I’m in a very grass type biome

Unown (all)
(I only get the porygon evolutive item… I have like 6 of them… for the last 4 weeks in my 7 day streak.)


I still need 78 Mareep candies. Only 390 km to go!


In my case, I haven’t even seen Unown yet. I’m 5 candies from Kindra and 10 from Jumpluff, and also have enough candy for Tyranitar, but my Larvitars are not that good…

And the only regional I’ve got is Mr. Mime :smiley:

Unown, Snorlax, Hitmonchan, Ampharos

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Still walking Mareep for his evolutions. I also haven’t got a Tyrouge that will evolve into a Hitmontop yet.

Ampharos, flaffy, unown, tyranitar and the regionals…I do have Heracross, corsola and tauros. With the current event, I have enough for piloswine, but I need a good one. I have enough candy for a flaffy also, but waiting to get enough for the whole evolution…currently at 58

I don’t know that I’ll ever get the regionals…no current plans to go to Europe/Asia/Australia. Never seen an unown and based on the Facebook group for my area very few have ever spawned so that one is a long shot…of course I got a random togetic while traveling so you never know

Would love a chance at the legendaries and the others that aren’t in the game yet…the holes in my dex are driving me nuts!

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Hatched a Tyrouge this morning that evolved into a Hitmontop. Just have Mareep left to evolve and then the only ones I’m missing are Unknown, Regonials, and Legendaries.

I am missing Regionals & Unkown

I’m missing miltank, unknown,the rest of regionals & legendaries

Thanks to raiding I got my Feraligatr today.

Only Unown left.

But the chance on that is that low that I consider Generation-2 as completed as of now.

I only need a Miltank and Unown

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Still need to evolve my Mareep. Less than 40 candies to go. Raids have helped with getting rare candies there. Still haven’t seen an Unknown yet. No regionals yet either.

I’m still waiting on the regionals, legendaries. I am also holding off for a good powmon to evolve into Ampharos and Feraligatr. I have enough candies for one of each but since candy is so hard to come by, I’m waiting for something over 90%.

Since Croconaw is a raid boss you’ll get your 90+ Feraligatr soon I guess.


Regionals except mr meme and kangaskhan
Some unown forms

Ampharos (1 candy needed :frowning:)
Articuno - Moltres - Zapdos

Clearly i don’t hatch enough eggs


I thought the same too as I had no >89% either.
Took around 20 odd Raids to finally get a 91%. Frustrating it’s taken that many to just scrape one over the 90IV threashold.